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Thread: LR3 Lower arms and inner/outer tie rod cost

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    Well I did all the suspension *components* myself anyway.

    To those who like to upgrade, Meyle has a HD ball joint option for the front LCA which I chose.

    Only thing dealer did was the alignment. I much prefer spending $ on tools than handing it to someone again and again.

    I also just realized why another person wrote "all 4 tie rods" ...I usually think of each side as one but it is listed as 4 parts being inner and outer left and right. This is the cheapest dealer source:
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    So just to add to this....same shop now wants $850 for front pads and rotors. Might as well go to the dealer and get a loaner at that price

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    Makes me glad I'm doing most of my work myself. I'm looking at doing pads and rotors all the way around. It'll be $300-450 for parts alone (probably will go 450, looks like better stuff and new wear sensor). Fronts are dead easy. Rears will be a toss up. Also I'll go ahead and bleed the system. Probably needs it anyway.
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    I just got my aftermarket warranty to cover all of these at the dealer. Best $2400 ever. ( the warranty)
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