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    Just came across this. Interesting and the price seems fair:

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    Or you could just bolt on the trailer of your choice.
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    That camper body looks better on the back of a Mog than behind a fourby, as their trailers are very strange to look at. Guess they are just different.... a bit like when the original 'Airstream" came out.
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    I always thought the Kimberley Kruiser camper would be awesome to mount on a truck flatbed like a Fuso. The Mog would be awesome but the Karavan is a large camper; personally I would prefer the smaller version. I wonder if they will mount it to different chassis, so it's possible it could come to the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michaelbestlynd View Post
    Just came across this. Interesting and the price seems fair:
    In my opinión this truck , the 1300l whit a 3250 wheelbase is to short for These Campervan, on the images they show a long wheelbase Unimog , whit 3800 , so this can Carry whit a 4 meters Camper, I tell you this because my one is the same and the Max lengh can be 3600mm, whit more You must to CUT whit a Big angle the corner, if not You **** the exit angle, I dont know the priorities, some times whit this small trucks is difficult to find the balance

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