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I think I have decided to sell. I have been thinking about it and as much fun as I have had using it, it is still just a vehicle. It's not like I built it or restored it or anything like that. I know I will regret selling the bike. But I am sort of at the stage where I need to grow up and stop regretting everything! ha-ha. Plus I have tons of other half finished projects laying around that could get finished with a little bit more time and money.

There are a lot of factors. Money is one thing. Do I need to spend more money on gear, tires, insurance, gas, and maintenance? No. Do I need to risk getting hit by someone texting? No. Not to sound fatalistic, but I was just out shoveling the driveway for a good hour. I counted all of the cars going by. 26 cars. 22 of them the driver was glancing or looking down away from the road. 22! I get that people look around when driving (as maybe you should) but there is nothing in your lap that has to do with driving!

I think I am going to stick with my original rationalization. I have had a good run without any serious injuries or accidents and I should quit while I am ahead. Sorry to be a quitter guys!

Montana has been a tough place to be this winter for any riding. Lots of shoveling and looking at the bike in the garage has caused me to think those same thoughts this winter. But a month ago I braved the cold (28 degrees) and got the S10 warmed up running around town. Thoughts of selling went away, mind cleared and it all made sense again.

I can't ride as much as I would like to right now and only made one long trip last year to your neck of the woods before the fires closed everything. I sense the distracted driver argument and feel the fear.

Take the MSF Advanced Rider course. It will make you a better cage driver too. I take the course every 2 years and learn something new or that I forgot every time. I rode for 12 years in the beginning, skipped riding raising kids and started back in 16 years ago. At almost 61 it has become the only time when I am not distracted, I am sharp, I grin, I cry, I sing (to my self, I do wear a helmet) and feel really good about just moving in the wind.

It still works for me.

Granted I do not commute in a big city, I rode through Phoenix at rush hour on a rented Harley once and though it was fun, every day might get old.

Don't let the winter talk you into something, easy to do.

Be safe in whatever you decide.