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Thread: What are some of the most reliable old vehicles?

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    I had a 1980 300SD and a1984 190D. They made decent commuter cars. The 190D was very basic, no AC, not even electric windows.
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    My 240D was a one owner car when I got it. They must have been reasonably wealthy because they did European delivery.
    In 1978 that must have been something. First service is a shop in Dusseldorf, I have a complete history of the car from day one.
    It did need some things like the dreaded vacuum system fixed.
    No A/C, 4 speed manual, they did splurged on an electric sunroof and windows.
    It had 107,000 miles on it when I got it last year, I've added almost 8,000 in that time.
    One big road trip and went 928 miles before I chickened out and refueled, reserve light still not on.
    It's a joy to drive and still looks great after 40 years of service.
    I'm hoping to pass it on to a youngster in the family that appreciates it.
    I have a 16 year old niece that thinks it's the coolest, I taught her how to drive a manual transmission
    with it.

    These things are still all over the place in rural Africa, mostly used as Taxi's, many with many 100's of thousands of kilometers on them.

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