Thread: Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

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    Exclamation Anyone heard of Acela Trucks before?

    Hey Guys,

    New to the forum and I want to get some info on this company if anyone has purchased one of their trucks or knows a bit about the company.

    Background on what I am planing on doing:

    In the market for a M1088 6x6 truck that i will be converting into an EV and tour North/South America next year. GVX will be building the habitat/camper but i need to source a chassis first.
    Having said that, my original plan was buy a surplus M1088 from Midwest Equipment Supply or a similar place which has a few of these trucks in great shape, modify the interior to make it confortable
    and just give it a modern facelift. I also want to reflash ECU to get a bit more power/fuel economy along with higher speed axles, Locking Diff's and a few other things in the suspension dept.

    I found Acela Trucks, they take an M1088A1 and tear it down to the bones, then replace over 600 new parts on the truck along with the interior which includes a full digital dash.
    After speaking to them, it seems like they can build me a rig just how I want it including engine options between a CAT 3126E or a C7.

    Does anyone knows anything about this company? Would love to hear more about them.



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    Go with the C7.

    3126's had problems with cracked blocks, causing the whole engine to be removed and either a new engine block put in with the old top end or a totally new crate engine.

    Also there is a pretty nicely refurbished M1088 6x6 for sale by a forum member. @overlandadventuretruck on instagram.
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    Thanks for the tip and ive seen that truck.
    Its sweet but i need a bit more space since i will always be traveling with 4-5 plus 2 dogs for 3-4 months at a time.

    Regarding the C7, i am leaning towards that engine aswell. I know about the horror stories with the HUEI pump faliures and how expensive they are to replace. But CAT recently introduced an Updated HUEI pump with a built in oil filter on the oil pickup line that can be changed. It will still have issues down the line but i doubt ill put 500,000 miles on the rig so i hope to be on the safe side of things.

    Still need to do a bit or research regarding running high sulfur diesel in South America. Might remove the whole ACERT emissions components. Would hate to have a DPF filter fail down there.

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    I talked to them a couple of times and they seemed legitimate. Consider asking them about a Marmon Herrington T30 2 spd transfer case. It is supposed to bolt on to the 3000 series Allisons. The only downsides are cost and 1.09 high range. They were unsure about whether they could do it, but if were looking seriously at a FMTV I would ask about it. To replace the 1 spd TC.
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    No first hand experience with the trucks, but I do know David Ronsen who owns Acela. He is a good guy and VERY knowledgable about the conversions he is doing.
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