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Thread: What's your thoughts on bike and component weight?

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    The only reason I'd write off carbon is it will not tolerate abrasion nearly as well as steel. I run carbon bars and seen the grooves worn in by a front harness after just 7 days of mud would bother me about long term. I end up with bright steel on my REEB and it's getting stripped right now actually for it's periodic powdercoat. I suspect carbon frames must have wear pads all over. That would dog me in the back of my mind. Like the reason I could probably never mentally be an astronaut thinking about those 3 precious cloth layers in my spacesuit are all that prevent me from being pink cosmic vapor.
    That is true the carbon bikes are wrapped in 3M Helicopter tape on all wear points.
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    My HEAVY steel road bike full build weights a little over 17#. I'm currently building a steel Niner gravel/ bikepacking bike. Pretty sure it won't weight all that much more. The upside of steel is it won't just break on you like my carbon mtb frame has. You can also bend steel back to shape if you need to. Carbon won't bend And aluminum will more than likely break. If you need a new rear derailleur on a steel bike you can get a new one brazed on.

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