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Wow what a cool starting platform. You should be fine adding a large array of solar on that flat roof. What kind of room is underneath the chassis to fit water/extended range fuel tanks? As for insulated walls, something like Nida-core might be a good starting place. It is light, strong and creates some dead air space. I don't know if it is provides enough R-Value on its own but it is a relatively easy material to source, shape and use for this application.
Thanks, Drew. There is plenty of room. The one fuel tank sits midway back in the right side. There is an air tank on the other side, but plenty of room given the height and that both driveshafts are offset to the right side.

That Nida-core is pretty cool. Unlike most vans my walls are flat, so I have more insulation options. I’m most worried about getting a tight vapor barrier as we will have a shower and induction cooktop inside.

The pop top will be tall (16”) and more of a 3/4 top (approximately 100” long) with a sloping front. I should be able to get 400w of solar panel on the top plus move my current fan to the top center. I’m excited to get started, but still have a couple of months before I can start.