Does the idea of owning a Land Rover make you tingly in places your swimwear covers? Do you find yourself lured by the cheap cost of acquiring an Empire Car but are scared by the horror stories of wonky electronics and leaky everything? Well you've come to the right place friend, for this is the passion, drama, and information packed ExPo Guide to Land Rovers. Yes my slightly masochistic potential Rover owner, all of the previous "school me" threads are merged into one action packed post.

General - Topics not pertaining to a particular Land Rover model but specifics are detailed for different models in some of the post.

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Series (all)

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Range Rover

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Discovery I & II (1994 - 2004)

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jfm_stl wants "Opinions on the LR3"

devinsixtyseven's "Can you guys tell me about the LR3?"


"What's the deal with the Freelender" is something upcruiser's just gotta know.

101 FC

24HOURSOFNEVADA is "Thinking of a new project...101 FC Maybe?"


Can we talk about 25 year old Defenders? - Z O O R O P A

Import question - Allen Bosely

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Wanna watch? Feed your inner voyeur’s desires with these build threads and intros to see how other people do it.

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Graham Jackson's TDI 110 Defender

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Range Rover

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You like pictures more than articles?

Post pictures of your Land Rover

Post Pics of your Defender

A few pictures of my Defender 110 around Patagonia - jorge

Land Rovers in Death Valley RR8 - RoverMack

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You have a Rover and you have some questions. From tech to farkle this link should have you covered.