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Thread: Good Sites for Solar?

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    Default Good Sites for Solar?

    Can we get a list of great solar info sites gathered on this post? Im looking to become more familar with solar panels for a future project and really want to find a good list of sites with great info on the subject. So post up your best bookmarks!
    Ron Douglas

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    Hi Ron,

    Try, that is where my panels, monitor and regulator came from. Nice people with lots of practical information.

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    These are my two favorites:

    Backwoods has a lot of tech info available on their site.

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    They have a good sale on panels now.

    Used 80 watt Panel Sale!
    Completely tested, reconditioned and warranteed
    Solec SQ-80
    80 watt
    17/34 volt (12/24v nom)
    4.6 / 2.34 amp
    1-3: $309 ea.
    4-7: $299 ea.
    8+: $289 ea.
    52” x 23”, 21 lb.
    Ground/Roof Mounts-
    2 panels $75
    3 panels: $85
    4 panels: $95 (free w/4
    panels, next 30 days)
    Shipping and handling: $65 (1 or 2 panels)
    30 day warranty
    Extended warranty available, inquire.
    Expected life: 20-25 years
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    AM Solar does good work on RV's.

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    I just bought a Kimberley Kamper and one of my first projects will be getting solar panels for it. Some of the sites that I have been referencing:
    1. Their site has been an excellent resource for the particulars on the camper itself.
    2. The Iowa Renewable Energy Sourcebook has been a great source and a powerful search engine for finding a variety of solar sources throughout the country.

    So far this is what I am considering based on the info I have gathered:
    1. A suitcase-type configuration. It will consist of two BP solar 50 watts panels (BP350J) with a piano hinge along the long edge of the case that folds into each other. This would make it easy to handle and in the event I bust one I still have another.
    2. 25' #10 UV resistent cable. Something sturdy enough to handle sitting out in the sun and sheathing tough enough to handle it being walked on.
    3. Charge controller. I am considering the SunKeeper 12 amp solar controller.

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    Hi Ron.

    Im looking to become more familar with solar panels for a future project
    Sorry, can you be a bit more specific? Are we definitely talking about a mobile installation such as a vehicle? Cause if this is a cabin or something satationary there are so many other things to consider. I'm still finishing a degree in renewable energy technology so I have quite a pile of info lying around (websites included) although much of it relates to Oz and the rest is obviously generic.

    My .50cents based on marine and RV industry experience since 1980 or so is > if it moves, so anything mobile (RV, 4x4, caravan, yacht etc, etc.) there is only one choice of brand> Canon Unisolar and 9 times out of 10 the PVL 68 is the specific unit to fit. But as I said, if the install is stationary there is a myriad of things to consider when chosing between brands, panel sizes, life, tracking or not, how the landscape site will effect the system such as shading, latitude, etc.etc.

    Let me know what you're looking at doing and Ill try and dig up specific info for you.

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    Bump. I know there are more folks out there with Solar knowledge that can pipe up on tis subject. Bring it on.

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    Hmm. There *may* be something in an upcoming Overland Journal on solar.


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