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    Default 1998 Infiniti QX4

    My buddy has a 1998 Infiniti QX4.

    What do you think of this vehicle? What are it's stock capabilities?
    His vehicle also has demolished rear shocks and stock replacements are coming to $40 a piece. What are some upgraded shocks that are similar in price? This vehicle spends almost all of it's time on road so he doesn't need anything extreme, but we destroyed the stock ones way to fast.

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    Basically the same truck as the Pathfinder. With a good set of tires, it's actually quite capable offroad. The 98's had the the All Road 4WD system that had a low range plus a "Lock" setting. That setting locked the center diff and put 50% power to both front and rear. On the other settings it varied front to rear depending on wheel slippage.

    I think there was an optional limited slip rear diff too. This is really pulling from the depths of my memory here, but I think if there was an orange sticker on the diff it had the limited slip.

    Also pulling from even further depths of the memory, you should be able to squeeze 31" BF AT tires in there without a lift and only mild rubbing in the rear during flex.

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    I own a 99 QX4 and they are pretty nice vehicles. Just a fancy R50.

    Up to 2000, same 3.3 engine and Auto as in the pre 05 Xterra and Frontiers.

    The ATX14A transfer case that came in these vehicles seems to be pretty decent. The low range is lower than the standard TX10 at around 2.4:1 vs 2:1. I could tell a difference between my 99QX4 and 98Pathfinder before I put the low range gears in the Pathfinder.

    the 98 should have the knob for 2wd, all wheel drive and 4 wheel high (center diff lock), then a lever for 4 low. Most of the Qs came with LSDs in the rear.

    No major issues, but I really wouldn't go to 31" tires without some lift springs. This vehicle would be great for fire roads, dirt roads, light offroading, and snowy pavement roads. The all mode all wheel drive is pretty nice.

    Upgrade options:

    Locker rear - ARB
    Locker Front -ARB (use the one for the R200, even though the R50s have a high pinion R200 up front it works)

    Gears lowest - 4.64, could go lower but the front High pinion R200 is the limit, can get 5.14s for the rear.

    Rear end is the 33 spline with drums

    Lift springs - up to two inches

    Custom drop lift - built them, pretty straight forward
    To give a point of reference I would drive this vehicle on any of the trails in the Ouray, CO area except Poughkeepsie (sp).

    Also, I could be wrong, but a locked diff will distribute 100% power to all outputs.

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    If they are stock, and possibly original, they are probably beat just from being 10+ years old. Does the vehicle have a tow history? Your coils may be worn as well - they just wear out early on these rigs. My preference is Old Man Emu shocks and coils (used to have a '97 pathy) but if you want low price just run Nissan. the shocks have a marginal effect on performance - the coils are what carry the load and determine if you're bottoming out.
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    100% correct about the rear end, it is the springs. My 99 bottoms like crazy due to saggy coils. I have replaced the shocks numerous times with no effect on the ride.

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