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Thread: pivoting frames and mounting campers

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    @leunam ,

    While I could be totally overestimating your truck, since they were used as a PUBLIC bus in tourist areas, I suspect the body may also be a roll cage (albeit a flimsy one) that would be strong enough to hold the entire vehicle relatively rigid (and prevent it from totally collapsing in a roll over).
    an easy way to test this would be to drive one wheel on a ramp moderately high (enough to get fairly close to the limits of the suspension), and see if there is any flex in the frame. I suspect there won't be for the above reason (the body being a large integrated roll cage).


    EDIT: obviously this is worth what you paid for it and I am not responsible for any damages
    Maybe. I'll make you know as soon as I figure it out.

    Anyway, I'm not thinking about extreme off road with it, just travel, but I'm curious (worried) about its lack of flexibility.

    Best regards
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