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Thread: New dog for our family.

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    Default New dog for our family.

    We've been looking for quite a while to find the right fit for our family and finally found him.

    Bob aka (Bobaaaay!) is a 4 year old retired Greyhound racer with a quiet but playful disposition. He took an immediate liking to the kids and snuggled right up with them.

    He has short single coated fur which should be helpful for my moderate allergies compared to a double coated dog.

    We'll be picking him up next week and will post pics once he's home with us. Looks like it's gonna be time for a bigger vehicle soon!
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    Good for you to take a rescue race dog. I've known a couple of them and they have been very gentle dogs.
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    Congrats and can't wait for pics.

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    My in-laws have adapted 4 ex-racers over the years. All great dogs. I was surprised at how lazy they are at first. A couple laps around the back yard (at 30mph) and then it's a multi hour nap. They have had two male racers, a female breeder and the current is a young female that was too small, playful (and goofy) to train in the brief time the owners allow so they got her at 2.

    The muscle tone of these athlete's is amazing and the speed of the males they had was very fun to watch. It is also a big plus that they are pretty much fully trained when you get them, have fun.
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    Congratulations, Can't wait to see pictures. They are very loving dogs.
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    congrats to your family, and thank you for choosing a retired!
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    Very mellow and kind dogs. I am sure the boys will love it!
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    Congrats. Retired grey hounds make for great family dogs. They just want to be loved and they're so happy not to have to race anymore. I heard there's even waiting lists to get those dogs sometimes from Greyhound adoption centers. I've always wanted one. Make sure to post up photos when you get Bob... i wanna see him!
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    Default Pics of Bob

    Ok, so that's not really my dog, but he is one of my favorites!

    Here's the real deal!


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