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    Default Earth Anchor info?

    I saw this Earth Anchor on the Sema page but no info. Does anyone have a link to the manufacturer?

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    I am going to test it in the next few weeks. I am skeptical
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    what's their web address? Also, is it intended to be a pullpal type thing?

    I like the idea b/c the pullpall is such a monster. something small would be nice

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    According to a web search an Earth Anchor is a rod, typically 2-3 ft long, with an auger bit. Screwed into the ground they require a pull of around 1500lb. Multiple anchors might be better than a single larger one.

    I wonder if it is better to load them along the rod's length, as though you were trying to pull it out of the ground, or to pull from the side, as though it were a tent peg.


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    We use earth anchors at Lake Powell to hold down the house boat to the shore......I don't know if i am thinking of the same thing or not....oh i go.......

    All we do is dig a hole (2-4' deep) and throw a log or strong piece of wood/metal (4-6' long) into the ground and tie-off to it and cover it up again sand/dirt etc. If there are huge rocks around....usually place a few on top to add weight in with the dirt. The anchor works pretty good but the down fall is the time it takes to dig and rig.


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    If what you guys are saying is you screw it into the ground, it would be great somewhere that has dirt. But in AZ, all we have is rock with about 6% sand/dirt around it. It can be an adventure just pounding in a tent peg.
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    Not to mention, giving tree huggers another reason to get pizzed at us for putting holes in the ground.
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