Expedition Portal is pleased to announce All Terrain Warriors as the Title Sponsor of our Mitsubishi Heavy Truck section.

Based in Queensland Australia All Terrain Warriors Specializes in 4x4 heavy vehicles for a wide range of applications such as mining, military, eco tourism and expedition use. They have over 20 years experience in the modification, fabrication and custom design of off-road vehicles from 4.5 ton and over and common build on platforms from MAN, Isuzu and Fuso. All Terrain Warriors is widely recognized as the world leaders in the conversion of Fuso FGs and Isuzu NPSs into off-road motor homes and tour buses as well as suspension upgrades, single rear wheel conversions, expedition preparation, full composite camper bodies and custom electronic / hydraulic systems.

For more information visit thier website at www.allterrainwarriors.com.au and be sure to thank them for supporting Expedition Portal.

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