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    Default vw Atacama van

    check out this vw concept camper van (on sprinter chassis w/diesel)

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    Default crafter ~= sprinter

    The Crafter is VW's version of the second generation Sprinter. The two vehicles were developed jointly, and are constructed side by side in the same plants in Germany. VW is using its own engines this time, and has a different look to the front end sheetmetal.

    There are no plans to import the Crafter right now. The 2nd generation Sprinter will be imported with gas and diesel engine options that meet 45-state USA emissions requirements. I think the 50-state diesels won't be here until 2008.

    Sprinters make great camping vans if you can stay on hard surfaces. The rear end of the Sprinter is has no limited slip, so it gets stuck in sand, mud and wet surfaces very easily, even with a full load. Too bad Mercedes has no plans to import their 4wd version. A couple of European companies make 4x4 conversions with lifted suspensions, but they are prohibitively expensive.

    Here's a 1st generation Sprinter cab/chassis with a cool custom Alaskan Camper.

    Chip Haven

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