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    I really enjoy this forum. Lurker for about a year now. Been into landcruisers for about 10 years now and really want to build a 60/62 series into an expedition vehicle. I had one that was pretty nice, but needed to sell for a Minivan a few months ago. Since then I picked up a flood victim with a decent body.

    Definitely have a ton to learn about expedition vehicles, but I have a few Ideas for the 60.

    The first picture is my old 1987 5spd, locked 2F 60. I really miss that rig.
    The next few pictures are of a 1989 FJ62. I'll be using a 1984 FJ60 frame with the FJ62 Axles and Body.

    My youtube handle is fjtoys if you want to see the video's of the tear down. I found snails on the head when dissasembling. Other than that, its just a tear down right now.

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    Default fun project

    welcome to expo!
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    Welcome. You are doing what I hope to do in the next couple years.

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    Welcome Mikesta, you should post all of the vehicles you've owned (and parted out) over the years..

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    X2 what A- said. You've had some cool things on 'Mud.
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    cool project! What's the powertrain going to be? 3FE/H55F?

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    Your 60 makes me want to rethink my current mindset of wanting to sell mine. Please post up progress.
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