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    after 4 years of research and a few times getting really close to buying something existing, like modified Volvo C303 portals, and a year of design and prototyping work with the guys at Killeraxles, itīs almost done

    All the work I had sofar done with Portal Tec had to be done again, as they sadly closed the shop before we could start building the G3 axles and the bolt-on portals which Iīd asked them to build for me.

    We are currently fitting these new bolt-on portals to my expedition proven Defender axles (the one in my Avatar) and these will then be fitted under my 130CC which will later undergo some further modifications to become a safe and reliable truck for a few solo trips in the coming years.

    You may ask yourself, why portals? Well, first of all, for the trips that I want to do, I need as much ground clearance as possible and want to stay with a reasonable and locally available tyre size. I will be driving 35" Cooper STTs for now.
    The stress on drivetrain and halfshafts is greatly reduced by the portalīs gearing. In our case itīs almost by 60%.
    The axles get wider by fitting the portals (add approx. 4" to each side) but by using wheels with a bigger offset the overall width of the Defender axles is only increased by about 2.5".
    Furthermore I wanted a tyre inflation system to control the tyre pressure. This system can be safely installed with portals.

    Further modifications will be again a external rollcage, 2 fully waterproof winches (currently in development by the guys who build these drop boxes), underbody protection for the gearbox and rear, 2nd fuel tank on the tray and a new dashboard to take all the additional instruments, the notebook mounts and the navigation equipment.

    I donīt want to have this in my Defender again...

    By summer it should be fully done as the first trip will be in late summer.

    So long,

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