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    I also forgot to mention, if you look close at my set up you will notice I have a small 55w light on each end of the lightbar (on a seperate switch). They light up the ditches and sides of the road great.

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    I chose the Vision X Xmitter light bars 4" (4 of them), with flood beams for peripheral placement, and at some point I will add this in the center for longer range lookin'. Expensive, but my motto on this truck has always been pay the money, cry once.
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    Quote Originally Posted by craig333 View Post
    Most of us really have no need for spots. If I need more distance than I get out of my lightforces, I'm driving way too fast
    I don't think my truck even COULD drive that fast.

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    Thanks for the input everyone. Based on what I read, how often I will use them and the short range I would need, I picked up two sets of the Hella 500FF driving lights. I'll post my impressions one I get them installed.
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    To cut down on hood glare, I have heard of some people running black electric tape at the bottom/corners of the lenses to block off light shining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R_Lefebvre View Post
    I think what many of us who travel on tight trails need is actually Worklights, but those aren't "cool" so...
    Ha! Too right.
    Luckily I've never worried about the coolness factor so just use tractor floods. They throw light far enough for the speeds I drive. They are cheap (around $30) so if they get broken it's not a big loss. They are cheap so not too likely to get stolen. After all, they aren't cool, why steal them?

    Quote Originally Posted by 87FoRunner View Post
    To cut down on hood glare, I have heard of some people running black electric tape at the bottom/corners of the lenses to block off light shining.
    These were popular in the 70's, but I don't see them much anymore. Not cool I guess.
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    I run tractor work lights on the both sides of my Jeep rack and they work great.

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    how are people running the wires to the lights on roof?
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    I am running a pair of 100W IPF 968s on the roof basket. Here are the pics from the driver's seat:
    Low Beams:

    High Beams:

    High with IPFs:

    Notice the lack of glare on the hood. The lights sit just behind the sunroof.

    I ran the wires up the A-Pillar behind the weather striping to the center of the the rear driver-side door.

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    If 200' is the outer limit of your lighting needs I'm wondering why bother to put them on the roof at all? I'm assuming that the 200' requirement is due to trees. The whole point of a high mounting is to get the light further out ahead of you. I'd think that for 200' that you could easily do that with a top of front bumper location and avoid smacking the lights (be they cheap or not) with tree limbs (not to mention not adding them to your frontal area).

    For up high I've found that the so-called "Euro" or Driving" beam is a better option than the pencil beam. The range is very close, but the Euro/Driving beam has much more lateral light distribution.

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