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Thread: Project BigB... a 1977 Dodge Van 6x4!

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    Well, I feel like I got my smog figured out and I am jazzed!
    I have been working solidly on a smog issue for my Airsteam and in doing that finally found the "Source" for Smog/emissions equipment for my van!
    Here is the book I was directed to, and bought.

    here is the page that tells all!

    So, my van "original" GVW according to the plate is 6400lb.
    Its a California van, so it should have 2 Barrel carb, PCV, EGR, SPK, and EVAP.
    Thats it!
    I was fretting thinking I was missing Cats and Air injection pumps and a whole bunch of other stuff...
    Looking closely at the engine, I have the EGR, PCV, and the SPK(I think). I can see a Evap canister, so just need to be sure its connected properly, as with all the pipes. I have a 4 barrel carb fitted, as well as aftermarket headers so am gonna hope that I can get that thru...

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    My Dodge is a 78 and it does have an air injection pump but no cats. From the research I've done you can have a 4bbl carb if it was offered for that year van. In 78 there was no 4bbl option, not sure on 77.
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    Looking at my book, the only 4 Barrel option was on the 440ci V8 in 1977 and 1978.
    None of the 360ci equiped vans that are over 6000lb GVW "Need" Air Injection/smog according to the table.

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    my dad worked for a dodge dealer until '79 (when i was born)and he said that the vans didn't get cats until 1978 the B100's,the B200;s & B300's got them in 1979 or so
    Fear not the cowardly,for they are without honor~Kahless the unforgettable

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    Yeah, its a real mystery this whole smog deal!
    hey, Xped... What does your ID plate say for the GVW?

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    I believe my gvw is around 9200lbs. Mine is a cutaway motorhome chassis with dual rear wheels (since removed for 33" tires).
    95 Montero SR
    05 Nissan Frontier 4x4
    78 4x4 Dodge Transvan
    05 Honda CRF 450x
    02 Polaris RMK 800
    96 Yamaha Phazer
    11 Polaris RZR 900

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    I think I am gonna need to take it to a weigh station before I smog so I can argue for the higher weight classification if need be.

    The USPS Fairy bought me some goodies the other week thanks to Gordon at Pathfinder...

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    Some good news....
    My Dodge got voted "Truck of the Month October 2010" over at the Dodge Forum!
    Made me feel good!

    Some bad news...
    I had ripped the interior out, and was collecting parts and planning my next push, when we had some major rain in the last 2 weeks..
    I went out to do some work today, and was puzzled cos inside was a swimming pool...
    Wet wood on the floor, the remnants of the carpet and the boxes I had stored were all soaked.
    I knew the front part of the roof had a leak, as I could see the trim was wet under the antenna holes.
    What I was not expecting was what I found when I got up there to look....
    The area where the metal roof meets the raised fiberglass rear section was smoothed with sealant... and the sealant was aged and peeled back. As the truck sits slightly lower at the rear, the rain puddles on that area, and leaks inside. But it got worse...
    I grabbed a screwdriver and attacked the sealant... and there is at least 2 sections that are riddled wth rust right thru. I also found the same issue with at least 2 areas on the drip rails... a fillit of sealant that has trapped moisture and rusted thru.
    I was really shocked and then sad.. its ugly, a lot of work/probs to fix, AND I cannot move fwd until I have a solution.

    So, my first thought was find a good roof/section at the junk yard(assuming I find a good one!) and replace the whole roof panel.
    Then I got to thinking that maybe this is a blessing... I have seen plenty of Vans with a raised forward section... maybe I just cut the roof skin off, and raise the forward section, adding a roll cage/stiffener to replace the strength lost..
    Just thinking about it!
    Last edited by Keyblazer; 10-25-2010 at 05:15 AM.

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    I've been battling the roof gutter rust for 9 years with my Dodge, and I am losing. It is raining right now here in SD, and I am listening to drips hitting my lower door sill.

    The windows are also major leak sources. With all the body flex, caulk quickly fails. I found you must use the thicker 3/16 to 3/8 inch thick double sided tape, in between window frame and body and caulk around that after you pull it tight.

    I have removed my fiberglass roof 3 times to fight the roof gutter rust, and only managed to slow it. The last time I had to rivet some aluminum c channel to some aluminum L angle to rebuild the rear roof gutter, and make something for the fiberglass roof to screw into. It's not pretty, but neither is my Van. I used Stainless screws and 3M 5200 adhesive marine sealant to hold it down. 5200 is basically permanent.

    I will have to do the same thing over my side doors as the gutter there has disintegrated too, and causes water to drip inside there too.

    I already have some more 5200 and C channel to replace that section. We are supposed to have 3 very dry days mid week. I hope to get mine as water tight and rust resistant in that time before winter sets in further.

    The rust is a night mare. Do what you can to prevent the cancer from spreading while you think of the method to do it right, and how far you are willing to take it. Take the loose stuff off, slather it with Permatex rust converter, and when that dries cover it with some peel and stick self adhesive roofing roll. I got an 8 inch wide roll, and sacrificed an old chop saw blade to make 2 inch strips. That stuff takes paint and will slow down the inevitable and keep the water out while you figure out a better solution.

    Don't let that thing disintegrate before I have a chance to drive up there and check it out. Congrats on the DT TOTM award!
    Last edited by wrcsixeight; 10-25-2010 at 10:00 AM.

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    The RV guys have a product called Eternabond that's a sealing tape that (so they say) sticks to anything and is near impossible to remove. It may not do what you want but I figured it was worth mentioning.

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