Thread: Mercedes Price Police. A quick question.

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    Default Mercedes Price Police. A quick question.

    Unfortunately my 2001 Discovery crapped out on me last week right as I crossed the 100,000 mile mark and I am now without a car. Since I am currently in need of a vehicle but don't have much money I have been looking into the tried but true 1980's Mercedes Turbo Diesels. I want a wagon and found one near my home that I am interested in but the guy has to be off his rocker for the price he is asking.

    This is his craigslist post:

    Am I crazy for thinking he is around 5 or 6 thousand dollars above where this car should be priced? Its not like it has 100,000 miles. Its just shy of 200,000.

    Thanks for your advice. Kelly Blue Book doesn't go that far back in age so I can't really look the price up.

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    I can't comment on this specific vehicle, but instead of Kelley Blue Book try Nada Guides

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    A few years back we sold a very good condition 240D (sedan, stick, non turbo) for $6000. The wagon in good shape is probably worth $8k to the right buyer if he is willing to wait and 6-7 if he is in a hurry.
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    What's really interesting is the white Mercedes round-nose truck across the street on the upper right hand picture.

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    x2 on what BK said. NADA or anything like that doesnt carry much weight on older rigs due to biofuel's popularity and nearing the classic age.
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    Wagons can command some crazy high dollar amounts for less than stellar examples. If you can live with a sedan instead of a wagon, you could get a nice one for cheap. At least you can in California.

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    I've got an 85 TD. That particular wagon has been discussed on the diesel forum over at MercedesShop. ( Everyone over there agrees it is overpriced. (I too pointed out the MB truck in the background over there. I thought that was most interesting)
    As a comparison, I have a 1979 w116 300sd 120k miles with the turbo 617 in pristine condition for sale and I'm asking $7200 for it. That is at the high end of the spectrum partly because it is a rare color--robin egg blue, and partly because 116 diesels in good condition are rarer than 123's.
    Wagons are going to be more expensive. I paid $3200(?) for mine 7 years ago with about 130k miles but that was because the dealer mistakenly put the wrong price on an internet ad but had to honor it. He was really looking for $5200. I think it would be reasonable to expect to find a 123 wagon with around 200k miles on it for $3-5k in reasonable condition. Cheaper ones will almost always require work.
    One of the best features of the wagon is the SLS (self-leveling suspension). Typically, wagons with deferred maintenance will require new accumulators for the SLS.
    Beware of one thing; lots of Craigslist ads will list 300TD, but they're not wagons. Lots of people think TD means 'turbo diesel' so list sedans as 'TD's' It doesn't.
    Be aware that 79 wagons (and 80's?) were non-turbo. There is a substantial difference in performance between 617na and turbo, particularly at altitude. Also 85 wagons have a higher gear ratio (2.88) than earlier wagons. The higher gear ratio is more desirable in my view although not a deal breaker.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm still on the hunt and went to a couple local MB shops the other day to pick their brains. Said that 85's were probably the best year. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled but will be looking in other directions as well.

    Have a great weekend!

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