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    Default New, non-$$$ Scepter MFC source

    I've been dealing with trying to find fuel cans lately and now that I've come up with a solution I figured I'd let you guys in on something I ran across.

    This site: is a military surplus business out of Louisiana. On the phone earlier today, they claim to have "a few thousand" NEW Scepter OD Green MFCs in stock. Best part? they are selling them for what they SHOULD cost.. $35-$40 each.

    Note that these have the Green leash (as opposed to red or yellow), and reports are they do not have the Viton gasket needed for gasoline.. so those of you using them for gas will need to find a source for the gaskets.

    Also note that they will not ship to CARB states (which includes me.. Damnit. I would have bought 8), nor will they sell to walk-up customers in Louisiana (I actually considered driving out there) due to sales tax issues. Still, this may be a great deal for some of you guys.

    I ended up buying 4 of the wide mouth NATO cans from Deutsche Optik to avoid CARB stupidity, so I have my bases covered.

    Link to the thread where I found this place, includes pictures of the MFCs:
    The fun starts about halfway through the first page.

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    See this thread if you want to get in on a group buy for the MFC cans. Shipped to where you live. I have a little room left on the pallet.
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    Just ordered 3 from LC Industries for $18.99 each. After hunting for an eternity, I think these will do the trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJBiggs View Post
    Just ordered 3 from LC Industries for $18.99 each. After hunting for an eternity, I think these will do the trick.
    MWC (sold by LCI) does not = MFC (no longer commonly sold anywhere stateside)
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