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Thread: Ironman 4x4 Dual Battery Kit

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    My old batteries were wally world everstarts that were labeled deep cycle, trolling,marine,RV. They are dual purpose batteries, really just a starting battery slightly more tolerant of deeper discharges. They seem to have had a fully charged resting voltage of 12.8.

    One of those batteries shorted a cell and became useless at month 13. The second one failed at month 32. It would read 12.8v but fall to 10.5v when any load over 0.5 amps was applied. The third is now in my engine compartment.

    I replaced those 2 group 27 "deep cycles" with some true Deep Cycles.

    Some Crown group 27 true Deep cycle batteries. These seem to have a fully charged resting voltage of between 12.60 and 12.65.

    But the surface charge lasts much longer, and even after that has burnt off, They hold a much higher voltage overnight and with more of a load than the Everstarts ever did.

    I notice that AGM batteries seem to have higher fully charged resting voltages.

    Most, but not all TRUE Deep cycle batteries do not list a CCA rating, only an amp hour reading.

    Know what you are buying and using. There is a significant difference in longevity and performance between the 2.

    True deep cycle batteries can cost 40% more, whether they last 40% longer is up for debate. IMO it is worth it to have Known quality versus something that was built to wally world's price demand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldivinag View Post
    A simple voltmeter like this does not indicate a batteries state of charge unless the battery has not been charged or discharged for many hours. And then, If the battery manufacturer gives a resting voltage state of charge chart for a particular battery, you can be accurate to within 10%.

    Keep in mind some batteries' fully charged resting voltages are 12.8, some are 12.6 and some AGM's can be 13.0. Unless you are sure what a fully charged resting voltage is for a certain battery, it does not tell you much at all in terms of battery state of charge.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the wiring leading to many ciggy plug outlets can be very thin. The bean counters win again. There can be a significant amount of voltage drop over the long thin wires leading ultimately from the battery through the multiple connectors and wiring harnesses until it reaches the ciggy plug. This is why some inverters that plug in to ciggy plugs do not work properly. Too much voltage drop over too thin of wiring.

    The only good that the linked voltmeter will do on a non rested battery is tell you if the alternator is working, and if a battery is fully dead, and possibly if your alternator can keep up with your lights, stereo, blower motor, or anything else you are asking your vehicle to power while the engine is running. And that is assuming that it is accurate. A 3 dollar voltmeter from harbor freight would be much more useful.

    But it is just as effective as those that come with these 350$ isolator systems, at least for the engine battery, which is not saying much.

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    Does anybody know anything about this Ironman 4x4 dual battery kit? I can't really find any reviews online... I really like this kit - but I'm torn between taking a chance on this one or getting the National Luna kit which has worked great for tons of ExPo'ers.

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    If it was me and I had the $$, I would go with the proven unit.
    Starting to learn in my "old" age, do it once and do it right....
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    Did anyone ever install one of these kits? Jamie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrcsixeight View Post

    The only issue I could see with this is that a battery, well rested, reading 12.2 volts would indicate that it is 50% charged. Starting batteries really do not like being drawn down to this level on a regular basis. So you might be replacing the starting battery more often than you like. But depending on the load applied to the battery especially by the cycling of a compressor fridge, 12.2 might be reached before the engine battery is really down to 50%.

    I don't know that when the engine battery's voltage recovers above 12.2 when removed from the load(and it will), if the product will parallel the batteries again.

    You could negate this by using an oversized deep cycle or dual purpose as your starting battery.
    Sorry, to bump an old thread, but I was also wondering if anyone has either Ironman system. Seems like a nice kit for a bit cheaper than the others.

    I don't know much about anything electrical, but I'm learning. I also had the same concern as the WRCSIXEIGHT, but it seems like Ironman's ad literature is a little misleading, but I could be wrong. I found the manual and it says this:

    "1. Once vehicle is started the IMS will disengage the aux. battery in order to priority charge the
    main battery. Once the main battery has reached 13.7V for more than 5 seconds it will link the
    batteries so that they are both receiving an equal charge from the alternator.

    2. With engine running if the batteries drop below 12.2V the LED on the IMS will flash at 1 second
    intervals, after 5 minutes if the batteries remain under 12.2V the IMS will disengage the batteries.

    3. If batteries are receiving no charge, and drop below 13.0V for more than 5 seconds the
    LED will turn off, and after 3 seconds the IMS will disengage."

    Seems like the system disengages whenever you shut off the car versus waiting until your AGM is down to 50% (12.2 volts)
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    I think I'm more confused now, than I was two days ago when I almost bought the dirty parts dual battery set up.
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