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    Default Couch Off-Road - Magpul Unimog

    Sorry for the cut and paste from YouTube. This is Couch Off-Road Engineering built a custom Unimog for Magpul Industries to promote their MBUS product.

    Disclaimer:TacoRocco is not affiliated with either Couch Off-Road or Magpul. He's just too lazy to write something. But I bet they pay real well and would probably like a Canadian with a significant amount of strategic, operational and tactical experience!?

    Youtube Video 1!

    YouTube Video 2

    Sorry but I dont know how to embed the video's into the post.
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    I saw this beast in Moab during EJS... Its a beast!
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    It is a super nice looking truck. I think he started with a two door 406 and built up from there.

    They are going to be bringing it to Moab for Memorial Day Weekend. If you are around you should watch for it.

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    No disrespect, that is very nice but I could not help thinking of the Chariot when I saw it.

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