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Thread: Award Winning Toyota 4x4 Chinook Camper!!

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    Default Award Winning Toyota 4x4 Chinook Camper!!

    PRICE DROP TO $4500!!!

    Yes folks it is for sale, and yes it is award winning.

    Won the "Sickest Rig" award at Cruise Moab 2010 out of approximately 200+ vehicles in attendance.

    This could be your chance to own a RARE, classic, reliable, easy to find parts for, just plain awesome expedition rig.

    We would love to take this basic truck and turn it into an even more functional, creature comforts, armored, turn key expo rig. Built to suit.

    If that is something you are looking for and not looking for a "project" in any way this would be a great opportunity for probably one of the more rare and unique expedition vehicles out there!

    We are actually setting up to do a 80 series Chinook for a customer. So if that gets your wheels turning for you own custom project let us know!!

    Also, we met a photographer in Moab from a certain off road magazine that lives locally and was drooling over the idea of documenting a Chinook build for the mag!

    So we aren't confused the 80 series Chinook build is independent of the Chinook for sale. We are not cutting the OG Chinook up!

    1979 Toyota Chinook 4x4. First year of the 4x4 Toyota pickups.
    20R/22R rebuilt hybrid motor
    Rebuilt Carb
    Tons of new parts
    Got roughly 15.5 miles per gallon on the trip loaded down and through some serious mountains.

    5 spd transmission conversion...looks to be rebuilt based on how clean the body of it is. Shifts great and clutch is good.

    Power steering

    Solid axles

    Like new 32x11.5x15 BFG Mud Terrains

    New bumper, grill, and headlights

    Newly built interior and carpeting (still needs work). Included is all the kitchen items minus the fridge and oven.

    Interior is in decent shape with comfortable seats, aftermarket console, dash mat, tachometer.

    The truck body has some rust in the lower fender corners, radiator support, and some in the floor boards. The fenders are a good spot to trim, the radiator support is really no big deal ATM, but I would suggest the floor boards getting fixed. We can do it at the shop for a small fee.

    The Chinook body is in very good shape. On my recent trip I took a small hit on the driver rear, but nothing terrible(visible on the last picture). The canvas is in great shape with no tears or leaks. There are a few small patches on the inside but no visible tears on the outside. Opens and closes with ease. Rear door has a small crack.

    We built a full sub frame to reinforce the chinook body and turned out great. The chinook did amazing off road and had no flex in the camper.

    All the glass is good except a small crack on the over cab Chinook window.

    The truck runs and drives excellent. Passed California smog no problem and is registered and ready to go. I recently drove it on a 3500 mile road trip with about 500 miles off road with almost zero issues. Just had to change the oil pan gasket after I sprung a leak.

    The rig gets thumbs up everywhere I go and is definitely a one of a kind vehicle.

    What it should have done:
    Original it could use some work there.
    Knuckle rebuild
    tie rod ends
    motor mount bushings look tired
    rear pinion seal(slow leak)
    rust repairs
    Mostly everything is preventative maintenance things.

    The vehicle is located in Placerville, CA 95667 30 minutes from Sacramento.

    I will post up pics of the rust and rear damage later.

    Asking $5000 obo.

    Please call me at 530-401-2023 if interested. You can email me at as well, but I will take you more seriously with a phone call.

    Interior pics have been added on the second page of the thread.

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    Very cool...good luck with the sale!

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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    WOW!! what a beautiful machine.

    How many miles??
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    It has over 200k and the chassis and roughly 20k on the motor and trans as per the previous owner, and based on the way it drives that feels right.


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    Interested in any trades? How about a 74RHD Land Rover?
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    I saw this Chinook at the Overland Expo and Yosh and i wanted it then. Great, thanks for posting this!! .. such a cool little camper rig and oh so tempting! Did the interior get finished? Any photos of the inside? I remember it being gutted.
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    Not exactly looking for trades right now...but I could consider the right Land Cruiser.

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    Thanks for the plug Dave.

    The interior is just simple with a bed(opens for storage) counter, and some cabinets.

    Will get more pics soon. Still cleaning Moab dust out of it!!

    By the way wouldn't it look great with a Trasharoo on the back?!

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    If I thought for one minute that my 6'6" body would fit I would snatch this puppy up in a heart beat!!

    Good luck with the sale!!

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    Man, I have never found a quicker way to screw up a hi lift then mount it on the front or back bumper. Good luck w/ that tree stump or rock.

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