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    Default Camper Van 4 sale

    Decided not to sell it. Instead going back Out, leaving Boulder. Admin: Ok to remove, or leave for the pictures and contact. Please let me know if I need to delete this post myself. Thank you so much!

    With the help of my handy friend, I designed and then participated in the custom conversion of a 2002 E-350 extended hi-top van into an elegant, self-contained camper. I kept it simple, but very functional. I have lived in it for a good bit of the last year and a half. Now I plan to live in Boulder, CO near family, doing less traveling. It's time to find an appreciative new home for this great van. I'll take suggestions, too, about other, maybe better, places I might offer it.

    Here are specs:

    Van Itself:
    2002 Ford E-350 Extended High-Top van, 2WD
    7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Engine, Turbo
    173,500 miles
    Trailering Package, Class IV Hitch
    27K Miles on Goodyear All Terrain LT Tires
    Pioneer: AM/FM CD MP3 audio deck (DEH-P30001B) and Speakers
    Air conditioning (automotive engine, not RV roof)
    Cruise Control, tilt wheel
    Anti-lock brakes
    Driver and Passenger air bags
    Automatic transmission, Overdrive
    K&N Permanent Air Filter
    Rain visors--cab windows

    RV/Cargo Area:
    Olympian 6000 BTU LP gas heater, catalytic
    ShurFlo Whisper King Premium Water Pump
    Atwood Wedgewood 2-burner Drop-in Cooktop (serves as low maintenance hot water heater, too :-)
    ShurFlo Comfort Air Silver variable speed vent fan
    Undercarriage Mounted LPG gas tank, Manchester #6811; 6.7 gal. (about 33 lbs.)
    Fresh Water tank 30 gal (has a cool rubberized "pan" for insurance against drips), drain valves to rear for outside use or quick emptying)
    Grey Water tank 30 gal, standard dump valve fittings
    5.5 gallon Thetford Porta Potti Model 365
    Armstrong Flooring
    12V 75 AmpHour AGM maintenance free auxiliary battery, battery isolator
    Touch latches on cabinets
    Power Inverter 500 Watt, 2-110V and 1 USB outlet
    110V drop cord
    Custom Built and Hand Finished Cabinetry--yellow pine, oiled and polyurethaned
    15-12V Halogen Puck lights with individual rocker switches, low amp draw
    2 Automotive-type cabin lights in kitchen
    5-day Coleman Xtreme 70 qt. Cooler (now has nice top like the cabinet fronts)
    Deep Bar Sink and Faucet
    Custom Light-blocking Magnet-mounted Curtains
    Fire Extinguisher
    High Quality Drawer Glides and Spring-loaded Hinges
    Hehr Radius Screened and Vented Windows (2)
    Marine Grade carpeting on walls and ceiling
    Low-E insulation in cab floor, console/doghouse, and entire cargo area, extra polyfil insulation in walls and doors
    Sleeps one on the platform (therm-a-rest/memory foam included) and another in the aisle on a narrower therm-a-rest. Bed can be re-engineered to standard full-size in the space allowed.

    The van could, I'm told, be fitted with a Quigley 4x4. It's towed my loaded 5x8 cargo trailer with ease. (The trailer is also available.)
    The price is $28,900, o.b.o. This is the first place I've listed it. I'm in Boulder CO, and I will deliver for expenses during the next few weeks.

    Link to 88 images at Picasa:
    Phone (303) 548-4160

    Happy traveling!
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    Make sure you post some photos up, would love to see it. Build progress, etc. Your linkie no workie.

    Good luck with the sale. And welcome to expo?... don't be a stranger. Giving up the traveling life for the less traveling life. I guess we can't travel forever. Or can we? No, I guess we can't.

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    Default link

    link did not work for me either

    I would also suggest posting in

    there is a place for members classified

    sounds like a sweet rig
    SMB '01 Cruiser, V-10, E350 EB, Quigley
    XL storage, Bushwackers, BFG skins, Mojave Teflons, Fiamma 45i
    410 amp batts, 360 watts Solar, Blue Sky contoler
    4cf Truck Fridge, Coleman A/C, Yam 2400
    Deaver rear, Bilstein, Garmen 1490t, Viper & Kenwood
    Roof rack, 2 ladders, Ft & Rr Bump w/ Gen box & Bike rack

    Full Custom int. w/ Real Wood cabinets & built in Pith Helmet rack

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    Default workin on the pix

    Thanks for the input! I did get the pictures, and today managed to launch Picasa. Tomorrow I should be able to take the next step and find out how to get them here. I am eager to show off the beautiful job that my ex and I did on this van

    In addition, I don't know of anything that needs repair on the van. There is a crack most of the way across the windshield, below sight line. The rear bumper has some rust. There are pictures of these, when I get that far. I didn't feel a need to fix those. Everything else has been well-attended to.

    Wish I had known about you guys years ago. I haven't been overlanding in about 7 years, not eager to go out alone. I'll look around the site--maybe there are those seeking travel companionship. I'm a 58yo female and really relish backcountry travel and camping. I traded my 4Runner for the van and it's worked out well to this point for just easy traveling.

    Thanks for the tip about, too.
    Pictures to come in a day or two.

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    Thanks to the input I got at Sportsmobileforum, and some Deep Thought, I'm withdrawing the offer to sell the van and instead keep living in it as long as I can. Will be leaving Boulder soon. Thank you for your help! On the road again--Yea!

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    Wow, you and yours did a knock out job on that van. Absolutely smashing. You are smart to keep it, as you would be very hard pressed to ever find one of that quality, capability, and functionality ever again. And selling it, it would be difficult to get out of it what you had into it - blood, sweat, tears, and cash wise.

    That van's a keeper, for life. Hope to see you out on the road sometime. If you haven't taken off yet, would be great to see a build thread on your van in the appropriate section. You have the photos for it, but it's quite more involved than posting pics I know. Thanks for putting your link in here nonetheless, I shall be studying them, you did some good work. Great van!! Enjoy it!!

    Edit: I'm going to post a link to this ad in the van section so your van interior can get more visibility.
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