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Thread: SOLD - Expedition Ready 1977 4x4 Blazer Chalet for Sale

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    Default SOLD - Expedition Ready 1977 4x4 Blazer Chalet for Sale


    Expedition Ready 1977 4x4 Blazer Chalet for Sale

    I have owned this specially built 4x4 Blazer Chalet for the past 20-years and built it up to handle the rigors of western US and Baja back county travel. It is mechanically sound and ready for exploration and back road adventures. I wouldn’t be afraid to take it down to Baja as she sits now. The body is in good condition and lived its life in Arizona. Engine is a 330 HP crate motor with low miles and has a lot of punch and gets up and goes. Specs below.

    Additional pictures can be seen at:

    Located in Phoenix, AZ.

    Price $5000. Buyer responsible for transport.

    Post questions or send me a PM. If you have a lot of questions, send your phone number and I'll call you.

    From website:
    Q: What exactly IS a Blazer Chalet?
    A: It's a full-size Chevy Blazer that came from the dealer with a pop-up camper on it. (A small number were also made with GMC badges as Jimmy Casa Grandes.) Less than 1800 units were made between spring 1976 and very early 1977, and were sold through Chevy/GMC dealerships. The Blazer came off the same production line as a regular truck, and had a pop-up camper shell installed by Chinook Mobilodge in Washington. The camper is similar to the Chinook campers installed on Toyota pickups of the same era. The Blazer seats two in the cab, and up to four, sideways, in the camper. (There are only seatbelts for two in the camper, likely due to weight limits.) The camper seats fold down to sleep two, and some units came with fold-out upper bunks to sleep two more. Inside you'll find a propane heater and stove; water tank and sink, and either an icebox or a fridge. Shelves, closets and a removable tabletop round out the furnishings The Chalet is surprisingly roomy inside; due to the headroom provided by the camper unit's extra height, even tall and/or wide people find the interior quite comfortable
    Vehicle Specs:

    • 350 CID, 330 HP Crate motor, installed 2000, Approximately 55,000 miles
    o Edlebrock Performer manifold
    o Edlebrock Quadra jet carburetor
    o Harmonic balancer & flywheel
    o New Radiator
    • Holly high volume electric fuel pump
    • Power Brakes
    • Power steering. Pump leaks a little
    • Air Conditioning, cold air, R12. Includes extra cans of R12 to recharge if needed later on
    • New starter battery
    • Camper battery in good condition
    • 2½” dual exhaust with center cross pipe, turbo mufflers,
    • K&N Air filter
    • Cruise control equipment intact , but does work
    • Transmission cooler and temperature gauge
    • Vacuum gauge

    Drive Train
    • Rebuilt Turbo 350 transmission with heavy duty clutch packs and mild shift kit. Rebuit in 2004. Approximately 15,000 miles on tranny
    • NP 203 transfer case with solid shaft full time to part time conversion kit
    • Warn front hubs
    • Ύ Ton axles
    o Dana 44 front, 8 bolt with front calipers ground down to fit 15” steel wheels
    o GM 14 Bolt rear axle
    o 4:10 gears, open diffs
    • New HD RV torque converter.

    • Re-arch Front & Rear Springs (no rear lift blocks)
    • New spring bushings – front & rear, 2006
    • Rancho 9000 shocks with in-cab shock adjustment control
    • New front steering tie rod ball joints
    • 16”x8: allow wheels
    • 285/75R-16 BFG AT tires, 25% remaining life
    • Axle weights, 2600 lbs fnt, 4800 lbs rear

    Additional features/modifications
    • Kenwood CD stereo, with Infinity and Alpine speakers
    • Dual fuel tanks, 32 gal main, 25 gal auxiliary tank mounted in front of rear axle
    • York AC conversion air compressor, rear bumper is air tank. Quick tire air up and can easily run air tools.
    • Rickard Engineering rear bumper with dual swing away tire carriers & aux back-up lights. Optional; rear dual bike rack
    • Two 33x12.50Rx15 spare tires on 15” white spokes.
    • Front receiver hitch

    • Sleeps four, two on bottom folding dinette benches, and two up top on the two fold out canvas cots.
    • Pop-up top - canvas and screen in good shape, no rips or tears
    • Propane Heater – working
    • 2-burner stove – working
    • 5-Gallon water tank with electric pump
    • Refrigerator – not working, used to store dry food goods on trips
    • Storage cabinets
    • Roof racks designed to carry two kayaks

    Known issues: Power steering pump leaks and has leaked for several years, I just add a little Tranny fluid when needed. Camper fridge does not work. Some of the interior may need sprucing up. The curtains are starting to dry rot from the sun and the stitching on the vinyl that covers the mounting bolts behind the cab need to be taken off and re-sown. There is minor rust on the lower front quarter panels behind the front wheel wells and behind the left rear wheel well (see pictures).

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    This is going to sell quick. Very nice truck.

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    Notice the Sportsmobile in one of the photos. Dale is a member of our Yahoo Chalet owners' forum, but has, alas, changed gears so to speak. I've used one of his older photos where he has kayaks on the rig to prove that such fun items can be loaded onto a Chalet roof as long as they aren't too heavy.
    ...former owner of Chalet #1747. Our forum at Yahoo Autos Groups for Chalet owners & enthusiasts is free to join, click here. More information on these is at, which I own but haven't yet updated from the original owner's content.

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    Very cool Chalet! Welcome to the Portal!

    Side note question... is that corner protection on the back of the SMB?
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    Thanks for the welcome. I have been lurking on and off for a few years now and have been enjoying seeing the various rigs. I had the Chalet for 20 years and it pains me to sell her, but with my recent purchase of the SMB, my fiancιe says she must go. I already get in trouble spending to much time working on the SMB, which she calls "the other woman" and I really don't have the time for two tinker toys.

    The black corner panels are air deflectors that deflect air to reduce the back pressure and turbulance at the rear of the van to keep dust from accumilating on the back windows. They do a good job of keeping the rear windows clear and keeps most of the dust off my mountain bikes that are on my rear bumber rack. Here is a better picture:

    This picture was taking after driving 20+ miles over graded forest roads. Notice the dust behind the rear tires, and no dust on the rear windows.

    Quote Originally Posted by adventureduo View Post
    Very cool Chalet! Welcome to the Portal!

    Side note question... is that corner protection on the back of the SMB?
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    Very interesting... we had an SMB and that little mod would have been great to know about. Looks like it works great. Have you posted that over on the smbforum? Maybe you could sell a kit for owners?... Good luck with the sale!
    Dave & Yoshi
    The Adventure Duo
    2003 Sportsmobile EB 7.3 PSD
    1997 Landcruiser 80 Series Collectors Edition
    2005 Suzuki DRZ400s
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    Based on some of the inquires I have recieved, I added a few more body, chassis and engine pictutes and known issues.

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    Default Nice Chalet

    I'd also recommend posting on we're suckers over there for anything pop up.
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    The Blazer Chalet has been sold. Thanks everyone for taking a look. I'll miss her, but new graet adventures await via the Sportsmobile.

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    My syncros are done I can barely get it into 1st, any suggestion on wheter to rebuild, buy reman, swap a used one, or sell the used transmission
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