Not sure what area to post this in so even though I'm not talking about software this seemed the most appropriate place to pose the question: Delorme or Benchmark Atlas'?

So I've been trying to decide one or the other. I have several NatGeo maps and a couple books for certain areas I've gone to already or plan to visit. Problem is I'd like to have a good atlas in the truck for all those areas outside of the other maps/books. I've done some searching here but didn't find a dedicated thread on either.

This evening I visited the local REI to compare them both. This was the second time I've checked them out in person. My observations:

California Atlas & Gazetteer (Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer Series)-[ame=""][/ame]
Slightly larger scale
Campground listing at the beginning of the book(incomplete-did not have campgrounds I recently visited)
Better topography
Metro areas in larger scale, not really necessary since I have a lot of maps from AAA in my truck

Poor road description-i.e. 4x4 high clearance

California Road & Recreation Atlas: Landscape Maps, Recreation Guides, Detailed Roads, GPS Grids (Benchmark Maps)-[ame=""][/ame]
Good road description
Lots of information regarding the state of interest-counties, temperature variances, national park listing, recreation, etc.

Smaller scale
Topography less detailed

Thats all I can think of right now since no notes were taken in store. I'm really after user opinions rather than weighing pros/cons. I was going back and forth from one to the other in the store for different areas. Some had pros in one area vs the other and vice versa.