Thread: Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

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    took two days to read this.... sad to see F+J are not posting anymore

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    Default You people are insane

    In a good way. It would never occur to me to even go to Congo. Or really anyplace outside the USA. The whole thing sounds like it takes place in severely outdoor circumstances. Also nature. Which, eeewww. The only time I go outside is walking to and from my Camry.

    Having said that, holy **** y'all. Well done.

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    Just wondering where F & J are now. Their epic journey makes me treasure more my old BJ 40.

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    Surely someone on here knows them. I recall they were planning another adventure a while back, perhaps that is where they are. I am a big fan, see signature.
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    Let me ask...

    CTO Expedition Portal

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    I only JUST stumbled across your amazing story!

    I was thrilled from the start, and pretty much stayed up the entire night reading all 85 pages of comments! (don't judge me...)

    What brave and adventurous souls you both have, F&J! Masterful story-telling, definitely put a personal flair to it, you are a talented writer. I look forward to finding similar threads of your other expeditions! Thank you for sharing your adventures (and sometimes MIS-adventures) with us!

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    I spent the better part of two days devouring this thread. This is without doubt one of the most compelling accounts of adventure travel I have come across anywhere. Like so many others here I would dearly love to see this in book form. Thanks so much F&J for taking the time to share your amazing experiences with us.

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    Bravo!! Nothing more can be said. Wonderful, and thank you!

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    This thread is almost up to 2 million views. Amazing.
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    Default Zot zoin doet da zjeer?

    Beste Josephine en Frederik,

    Jullie hebben echt de guts gehad om toe te geven dat het leven zo intens mogelijk moet geleefd worden, en we moeten stoppen met toch maar zo lang mogelijk proberen te leven door ons allerhande dingen te onthouden, risico's te ontwijken en excuses aan te praten.

    Hier is een koppel dat op het einde van hun leven zal kunnen zeggen dat het goed was. Fantastisch, jullie hebben me doen dromen. En ik ga sparen opdat ik op een dag hetzelfde kan doen. Hopelijk ligt er dan macadam in Congo!

    Geniet van jullie verdere reizen, en laat het internet voor wat het is. Het is de grootste vorm van tijdverlies dat ooit uitgevonden is! Buiten dit verslag dan

    Nen Oilsjteneer

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