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Thread: Spotted: Big Willy 6x6!!

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    I would love to see it fully spread out in camp mode. Something tells me every piece shifts into place like some kind of Transformer movie vehicle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarconcepts View Post
    i really like the wood on the sides - for open air storage, i wonder if they do anything else? (sandladders)

    I was thinking they fold out and act as outriggers. Those tires have to float. Right?

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    My brother took me to see it, as it is still in the parking lot at Ski Bowl. He was told it is owned by one of the Maintenance guys, hence it sitting in front of the maintenance shed.

    It has what looks like a GAS V-8 Motor! I wonder what his MPG is! Probably Gallons per mile more like it.

    I also took some more pictures. The trailer is the stock bed, widened, with a military living unit.

    More pics:

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    This rig is unbelievable.

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