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    Default FS: 1985 Mercedes 4x4 Motorhome

    No affiliation with with the listing (aside from wanting it)

    Found this during a productive moment at work. It's in Australia, but old enough to come under the 25 year rule. $79,950 AUD

    1985 Mercedes Benz Unique 4x4 "Go Anywhere 6 Berth Motorhome"

    Custom made living compartment from insulation material (roof and walls),

    2 x Solar Panels,

    12lt V6 Diesel, Diff Locks, Crank gear,

    700lt capacity with 2500km-2800km range

    400lt of water in two stainless tanks,

    Massive hydraulic winch,

    Hugh Supersingles Wheels and tyres (two spares)

    Hotwater shower inside and outside


    German built and engineered

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    Interesting solution for mating a cab-forward tilt with a cabover living area.

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    So I'm selling or trading my stuff out which consist of a 1997 45' Prevost Motorhome worth about $175k for gear to go touring in Mexico and Central America. I'm spending my days emailing people that have $70k price range Itsaca 26' diesel that might want to upgrade to a Prevost in trade. No luck so far but just starting. Might just have to do a dealer trade but would prefer to cut out the middleman.

    I'd still take one of those but I'm also interested in these unique 4x4 Motor homes like the some listed on this site which would let me go just about anywhere. If there are any others for sale that anyone can point me in the right direction to then thank you. No issues or regulations with camping on remote beaches and no way to get stuck with the 4x4 rigs. The fact they look more like garbage trucks would be less likely to attract the banditos but I think a generous supply of guns and some sort of portable remote laser perimeter i can put in the sand for early warning would be cheap enough and let me sleep more sound.

    I expect most of these are outside the US in deserts, Outbacks, jungles, Africa, etc, etc. Shipping it by boat is affordable but my challenge seems to be finding a country that has both these units AND a potential customer for my Prevost. I have two. One professionally converted Prevost RV and one double slide shell uncoverted with 8k miles that can be customized to anyones specs should I find someone with a 4x4 to trade. I checked Australia. I emailed a charter bus company. The charter company said there aren't any Prevosts there for some roll over standard. ??? The entire large RV market is very small there anyway as RV'ing is limited to the perimeter of the country. The puzzle is to find a 4 x 4 RV that someone would want to trade for either my Shell or my finished out Royal. Here's some examples and then I'll explain more. (this is the Prevost of 4x4 Expedition vehicles. They are made over seas but have an office in CA. I have contacted them about 9 months ago and no interest in helping facilitate a trade but I just emailed the salesman again. I wish I could figure out how to get in list of owners and just contact them direct. There could be someone who is done with their 4x4 and has a use for what I have. One thing is for sure, the 4x4 rig (at least if there was one in North America) would be in lower demand than what I have to trade. Very niche.

    Here's a picture show of one that show the interior of one in particular: [ame=""]YouTube - Life in a garbage truck[/ame]

    What I noticed from the RV dealer in Australia that has (or is brokering) the 4x4 RV is that the few 40' RV's they have are priced way higher for their age than what the market would be worth here. Supply and demand ? The AUS and US dollar is practically equal so no need to bother converting the prices you see there.

    Prevost web site doesn't list any offices outside Canada and the US so my presumption is that they are only doing business in North America. I either need to just sell what I have and buy what I want but I thought I'd come out ahead finding one of these awesome 4x4 rigs and making a trade.

    This just popped into my mind. I could find a suitable 4x4 chassis and have an off brand converter build the housing part to my own specs I guess but that's going the opposite direction for savings and reducing costs. They might take my shell in trade for the build out but I'd still need to buy the large scale chassis. If you look here you can see that Unicat will build an RV Pod that will drop in place on the back of a given rig.

    The other option that might be practical is to find the right flat bed 4 x4 chassis and just mount a regular camper on the back. I saw something like this a few months back but I can't remember where. I don't think it was on a 4x4 anyway.

    Many of them seem to use a Mercedes Benz Unimog chassis. I'll be spending the day trying different search strings and attempting to locate companies that own finished out units like The Unicat. The Unicat site does give some examples of owners in the US that I can research and attempt to contact. I'll try finding different military surplus sales sites. Seems like the US Military could have some of these and might have a use for my shell. (Suggestions on sites to search ?) I'm probably trying to piece a puzzle together in vein and will wind up having to buy one of these but they are not cheap even used.

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