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Thread: Overland Adventure - UK, Central Asia, SE Asia, Oz, South America

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjmcgowan View Post
    In many areas due to safety it was not really an option to sleep in the vehicle / roof tent,
    Where and when was this?

    We have been sleeping 75% of the time in our RTT from the Netherlands to Vietnam in 3 1/2 years.
    In the last 5 years in South America we have been sleeping less then 25% in the RTT. Mostly sleeping inside the vehicle, climate wise and the RTT getting less weather proof due to aging.

    I am with Luis, and say that if you have survived without a RTT for so long, you are not going to want one now for South America.

    Adventurous greetings,
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    Hey Coen, thanks for the feedback,

    Quote Originally Posted by landcruising View Post
    Where and when was this?Coen
    Mainly through the Stan’s and parts of India, for example most places on Kyrgyzstan were 100% safe when were there and ideal for camping, however in Osh there had been recent ethnic tension which resulted many deaths so it would not be advisable to camp in the local area, the locals even suggested not to go out at all at night..

    Same with Pakistan, Northern Pakistan felt safe with sparse population, however once you start heading down the KKH towards Besham, or you are in the more populated cities we did not feel comfortable camping, again India many safe places to camp however if you are in the more populated cities, is not such a great idea,

    There are even parts of the UK I would not sleep in my vehicle, let alone park the vehicle overnight in the street, Essentially it comes down to what you’re comfortable with…
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    Hi All

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    Hi All

    We are currently travelling around UT & AZ, and require some spare parts to be sent over form Australia,

    we were wondering if anyone who lives near Flagstaff or is going to the Overland Expo would let us have the parts sent to their address,

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Many thanks


    Ps we are still travelling, we have just spent 3 great months in NZ, (Lots to write up) and we have now started the Americas leg of our Journey, if someone from the Expedition Portal could move the thread back to in progress it would great!
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    Any chance someone from the Expedition Portal to move this thread back to in progress?

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    Two British Overlanders in Yellowstone, us and the

    We are heading in to Canada and Alaska next, if any one is up that way and is interested in having a beer with us on the way through, just let us know.

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    Totally down to have a beer with you guys, we are in Vancouver, BC. Can maybe even show you some awesome remote camping spots! PM Sent.

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    Default Back on the road again! in New Zealand

    After an extended stop in Australia, we are finally hitting the road again, deciding our next destination should be New Zealand!
    As our carnet had reached its expiry date, we had shipped our vehicle out of Australia several months before leaving for NZ via a roll on roll off vessel operated by Höegh Autoliners. *We used Seaway Agencies as the agent for the shipping.
    New Zealand, just like Australia, has very stringent quarantine rules whereby the car has to be free from any mud, seeds or insects. During the shipping process from East Timor to Australia we had the car stripped down and cleaned. Unfortunately the car was not properly put back together again.* This time round we had decided to fully clean the car ourselves.
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    Morning ;-) from Baja, Mexico

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