Thread: PowerPlay 18 in 1 Multi Tool 25 bux shipped

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    Default PowerPlay 18 in 1 Multi Tool 25 bux shipped

    First I've heard of Paladin Tools... Looks like they partnered with SOG on this one.

    My wife bought me a SOG multi for christmas about 15 years ago. I've used/abused it and it still looks/functions like brand new.

    This multi looks like it's directed towards electricians? But it's got just about everything you might need for about 1/2 price...

    6500 PowerPlay PT-510 - 6500 Paladin Tools developed PowerPlay with legendary knife and tool maker SOG Specialty Knives to be the ultimate in quality and utility for wire and cable professionals. It's 18-Tools-in-One! Needle Nose & Gripping Pliers; 110 Punchdown; 18/20/22/24 AWG Strippers; Romex Wire Cutter; Drywall Punch; #4 & #6 Slotted Screwdrivers; #1 Phillips Screwdriver; SOG Stainless Steel Knife; 3-in-1 File with Coarse & Fine Sides; Bottle Cap Opener; Ruler ; Features SOG's patented Compound Leverage System
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    i have one of those i use it every day love it the first one i got the pliers broke after about 6 months and they replaced it no questions asked.but the one shown in the pic is not the 510 not sure which one it is i paid 136.00 for the one i have
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    I have one, it is on my duty belt every day at work.

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