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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuman Desert Rat View Post
    Shelf system? The metal one that hangs undervthe IGT?
    Oof! Gone from the SP site already... Not even a waitlist option.

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    I was really lusting after that but I went camping with my 4 yr old and now I am trying to minimize the pain... weight...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
    Thanks for that. I searched and found the SKU yesterday, and ordered a few of each. I think I got the last of what they had in stock. I also ordered the shelf system. Expensive day...
    They followed up with an email about the shorter IGT Extension "Regular" being available. Which between the 2 of them the long and short cover a 4 unit IGT frame. I ordered 2 of each. I just got the long extensions today and expect the shorter version soon. Very happy, I have not even seen these on the SP website in a long time.

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