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Thread: Making my Uro-Camper Kubic 1.0

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    Default Making my Uro-Camper Kubic 1.0

    Hello friends. I made ​​my first Camper for pick-ups. I would like to know your opinion. We are in Spain.

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    I like the shape of the back end. Longer then the pickup box but not so boxy sticking out.

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    very nice. could you give some details on the materials?

    and please follow up as it is finished!

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    looks sharp - what are you building it out of - looks like sandwiched ply or fibreglass panels

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    Looks very good. The only thing I would change is the cab-over length. Since it is going on a 4 door truck, I would have the cabover go to the windshield. This would provide you with a more comfortable sleeping quarters for 2 people and increased storage for cloths under the bed. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more pics as you go along with the project.
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    The project is already finished.
    The sandwich is made ​​by us. PVC 4mm + Extruded polystyrene 30mm + PVC 4 mm.

    The client wanted it to be small and compact. He wants to be able to sleep with the roof closed.

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    That's great! I'd love to have time to throw something like that together. Thanks for the pictures!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribu View Post
    The sandwich is made ​​by us. PVC foam 4mm + Extruded polystyrene 30mm + PVC foam 4 mm.
    Did you skin the polystyrene foam with PVC foam for impact resistance or some other consideration?

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    PVC foam is very soft and fragile. So we have covered all of plastic polymer

    The plastic polymer gives strength and is highly impermeable
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    What is the weight of the shell ?
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