Thread: Slinging bugs on Expo trip..

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    Default Slinging bugs on Expo trip..

    Ok so heres the plan,
    Im new to this side of the US, and I'm planning to spend about 10 days driving up the "left" coast and throwing bugs as much as possible. Im looking for rivers and streams that I can wade (not bringing the yak or shredder) with camping close to the water.
    Have rods and gear ranging from 3wt to 12wt so any species could be game. I do not want to surf cast, not this time..
    Steelies are best choice but anything in the trout family is the goal..

    Starting in SOCAL and turning around in BC..

    The rig can handle mostly any terrain I will fish in, so thats not too much of a worry..

    Would be a bonus to meet other bug slingers and see some of the backcountry.. (either 4x4 or hiking)
    Any information or additional Expos are always welcome...

    looking for guidance here...

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    For anadromous fish, you'll need to let us know approximately what time of year you'll be where.

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    Just got back from Cody Wyoming and the fish are starting to move up in the North Fork but still well below Newton Creek Campground. We were able to hook up on some halfbacks....had better luck on the shoshone in town with copper johns...Don't know if that is what you are lokking for but I love fishing in's hard to beat for me. Good luck and have fun

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