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    What's the best way to remove mill scale from metal?

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    pretty general question? Usually an angle grinder with either a grinder disk or a sanding flapper wheel

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    Flapper wheels don't work well on the scale for some reason. A fresh one does, but just a little usage dulls it. You will find that it doesn't touch the scale, but does grind out bare metal, the result is you end up thinning spots on your tube while still not removing the scale effectively.

    THE BEST way to get off mill scale is this:

    These things are AMAZING. They take the scale right off, without hardly touching the metal. They also work great on paint, etc. The only downsides are they are sort of expensive ($15/each for a 4.5") and they are sort of fragile. You have to be careful with them. If you catch an edge, they can vaporize in a cloud of black dust. The trick is, when you're near an edge, hold the grinder so that the wheel is going in the direction such that the RapidStrip material is running OFF the edge. You don't want to a "attack" the edge, as that's when they disintegrate.

    These should be available at Fastenal, that's where I get them. May also be at Home Depot, but I haven't seen them there. I use the black ones, not sure about the blue.

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    I've used Bear-tex for years and recommend their stuff.

    3M Scotch-Brite wheels work just as well. They come in coarse, medium and fine. For scale removal I'd use the coarse...

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    I've always used flap discs and been happy with them. Get them from Prices destroy Home Depot and other local options, quality is pretty close too.

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