This RTT is GREAT.. It sat in the box for a month before I was finished enough with the trailer to install it, but once I started it went on with no problems. I looked on the different fourms and asked a lot of questions, what I found was there was several at the $2000 dollar level and some at the $1000 dollar mark. I really could not justify spending 2k so I went the $900 dollar unit. I takled to a guy in Florida who was selling tents and a guy in Bend OR. From what I have heard, the less expensive tents are all chinese made and are probably all about the same with different names. I chose the CVT mostly because I'm a west coast guy and this was from Bend where my wife used to live.....On with the review; installs easy, opening and shutting is less than 2 or 3 minutes either way; sleeping is very comfortable for the two of us, togeather we are about 350lbs and the tent has no problems carrying us. The travel top fits nicely, I love the way it zips all the way around and keeps out the dust. Went to Death Valley and it stood up well in 40 + mile winds...not a problem for this tent... OVERALL ITS A GREAT TENT!!