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Thread: Knife thread

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    i carry a gerber hatchet and find this is my go to tool for most tasks. a sharp hatchet is great for just about any cutting task. my pocket knife is a Knives of Alaska fetherlight xtreme defender My pack knife is a 4 in blade stamped steel knife with a para cord wrapped handle.

    i am very happy with the products from knives of alaska, and plan on purchasing from them in the future.
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    Here is a knife that I bought in 1986 and has been moved from truck to truck since. I have several knives but this always seems to be the one I grab. It's a little unique in that it's a Bali-song {now benchmade} back when they were made by Pacific cutlery corporation in North Hollywood. If I remember right it's a model 750, it's been well used and holds a great edge. I happened to have in the office to measure it for a new sheath.
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    I have a small foldable Benchmade in each vehicle and another one for daily carry.
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    i carry a 2.75" blade Gerber Evo Jr. as a "pocket" knife because it weighs 1.8 oz


    however, i'm saving up for a Benchmade Pardue, which with a 3.25" blade (and overall higher quality), still comes in at only 1.88 oz


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    Sharp things!

    This is one of my semi-new projects. I had an older Becker BK2 Campanion way back when. I ventured off into the land of custom knives for a bit but recently returned to my roots with a new model BK2 built by KaBar under the Becker name. It is still the same great knife....

    Of course I had to customize it a bit I stripped the factory black coating off down to bare high carbon steel. Then I 'forced' a patina finish on it with some household condiments. This helps protect the bare steel from future corrosion by basically having an acid corrosion on the surface of the steel. I also keep the blade a little 'wet' in olive oil to keep any more rust or pitting at bay.

    I added a pair of Micarta scales to it also. I like the feel of the raw machined canvas micarta vs the factory 'grivory' scales.

    Lastly I tried to make a leather sheath for it. Tried. Its ok but could still use more work.

    Dollar for Dollar, even with the mods, I would put this up against just about anything else. It retains a great edge. It's thick enough that its basically a sharpened prybar, but the grind bevel is GREAT for just about anything from kitchen work to chopping.

    The best part is that I can replace it for less than $100 if I where to destroy or misplace it....or have a spare in a different bag.

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    I love knives and own several good quality such as Knives of Alaska, pre '84 Buck, RAT/ESEE and 1 Randall but my favorite "big" knife is a Bark River Bravo-1. They have a great warranty and free lifetime reconditioning.
    Some very good videos on Youtube showing this knife.

    My every day carry folder is a vintage Schrade lb 7, I know it isn't as sexy as a Benchmade or SOG but it holds a edge and is a very solid knife.
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    Here is the latest addition to my collection. Sorry for the stock pic but she is still in the mail.

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    On New Years Eve this year, I lost my EDC Benchmade AFCK mini in the snow in a parking lot that was plowed early the next day. I bought that knife in high school about 15 years ago. I was a zombie for a few days after that... just wandering around aimlessly staring at the ground, hoping my favorite knife would be there! Since then, I carried my Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn mini for a few days, then bought a Leatherman Skeletool CX. I've been very happy with this tool. I have a number of Leatherman tools, but I don't like wearing a belt and carry case. I love that this multi-tool has a pocket clip, and I don't have to open the tool to get out the knife. Oh yeah, the built in bottle opener is a definite crowd pleaser!!!
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    I thought this might be a decent place to post this... Went to the Blade Show in Atlanta, GA this past weekend. Kinda sad that now most fixed blade knives with a decent quality are now $150 or more with many over $200. Sure you still got some of your brands like SOG, Kabar, Buck, Gerber that dance around the $100 and less mark but their quality seems to be lacking of late, at least from the reviews I have read. In my opinion, the best knife I have bought is a Mora 2. $15, plastic sheath, carbon steel, smaller handle but razor sharp, strong and easy to use. I still have yet to need to sharpen it after months of use.

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