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Thread: Anyone own an Armada?

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    Wanted to check in with you to see if any of you still own the Armada (06-09). My wife is wanting to get back into an Expedition but not liking the paint quality on most 06s-08s and we may consider an Armada.

    Reading online about many people going through brakes like water and the rear HVAC lines corroding too fast.

    Any info you can share would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
    Not an Armada owner, but i worked with Armadas for the last 5 years. I cant speak to the brakes, but the rear HVAC lines are such a PITA. Tons of people would come into the dealership within 3 years to have their lines replaced, granted, those are all people who only city drive their Armadas. Nissan put the rear lines in a really stupid place that leaves them exposed to accelerated wear and tear. Other than that, theyre solid vehicles that dont seem to have a ton of bugs.

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    2004-5 had really bad, undersized brakes. They upgraded them in 2006. Our 2006 Armada has not had any brake issues and we have about 120,000 miles on it. The paint is gone, oxidized away, down to base primer. The interior dash has multiple cracks, and the kids have pretty much destroyed all the vents, flip up covers (over accessory sockets), and so forth. The seat stitching has fallen apart, so the seats are coming apart. Looks like the leather is bad, but it's fine, just the stitching.

    The Armada is super heavy and goes through tires. We are on our 5th set. Using Nitto Crosstek's currently and am very happy with them. Considerable improvements on the ride quality for the whole rig.

    Mechanically, the Armada has been very solid. The engine/trans are superb, one of the best on the road. However, after 110k mikes, one of our exhaust headers has developed a crack. We've learned that the Armada is very picky about oil filters. For such a big V8, the filter is smaller than a Honda 4 banger. You NEED a proper hi flow filter or else it will wine like a ... like a machine with a high pitched wine. LOL.
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    '08 got a bunch of fixes. They got a lot better in a bunch of little things.

    '16 didn't exist. But the '17 shares little besides the name of the older ones.

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