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    Arrow Tread Lightly Stewardship Grants! Deadline Aug 18th

    Tread Lightly! Stewardship Grant Program
    Tread Lightly! recognizes that one of the best ways to promote responsible outdoor recreation is to get recreationists involved in the stewardship of their favorite recreational areas. Tread Lightly!ís Stewardship Grants are designed to help individuals and clubs organize clean-ups, trail maintenance work days and other small stewardship projects. The maximum grant amount is $500, and those funds can be used to rent equipment or purchase supplies like garbage bags, water, or snacks for volunteers, etc.

    Who is eligible?
    You must be a Tread Lightly! member club or Three-Year Individual Member to apply. All other membership catatorgies are not eligible.
    Tread Lightly! Member Clubs and Three-Year Individual Members.

    How much grant money can an applicant receive?
    The maximum grant award is $500.

    When are grant applications due?
    Grant applications and all supporting material are due by 8:00am mountain time Thursday, August 18, 2011.

    What do I need for my application?
    Applicants must submit an online grant application, a letter of support from a representative of the land management agency or land owner and, if applicable, any additional documentation including photos of the area.

    Where should I send supplemental documentation for this grant?
    Your letter of support and additional documentation can be emailed to or mailed to 298 24th Street, Suite 325, Ogden UT 84401.

    When should my project or event be completed?
    Projects can start anytime after September 1, 2011. For this grant cycle, all projects or events must be completed and final reports submitted by December 30, 2011.

    If I am awarded a grant, when should I expect funding to be released?
    Tread Lightly! will provide fifty percent of the grant award up front. The final payment will be issued upon receipt of a complete project report and other requested documentation.

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    Applications due THURSDAY!!! Remember, you can't ever get anything you didn't ask for. Or something like that

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