I talked to the Ranger down there today and she informed me that they're staying open until July 2012 now. Hopefully the state will figure out something by then.

In the mean time, they're in a contest to try to win one of 3 grants in the Vote For America's Favorite Park campaign sponsored by Coca Cola. In the 2 weeks since they've got into it, they went from 23 votes to over 13400 and moved up on the list from 2800 to 36. I think there are now over 4000 parks in the contest. There are also over 25 pages of cool photos for Picacho SRA. They still have a really long way to go and would be a long shot to win. However, many people have no idea about the 70 parks scheduled to close and that Picacho is on the list. At least this is helping to get the word out and get people talking about it. Maybe this post will cross the screen of someone who will have a creative idea that becomes a solution or someone who has a contact with a business that wants to form a partnership with the park to help keep it open. I have attached a flier and feel free to forward this email. The contest ends Sept. 6. Even without winning, it helps to send a message that people care about Picacho. Considering it is summer time (slow season) word has been getting out but we need all the help we can get.

Head to www.livepositvely.com to vote today!

Also, if you're on Facebook.. they have a page located here: https://www.facebook.com/savepicachostaterecreationarea

Anyhow, we love this place and want to do anything and everything we can to keep it open. I figured it was worth a posting not only in the CA section but here as well to get as much help as we can. Im not in anyway associated with the Park Service or Coca-Cola, i just want to help out.