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    Default EBAY Find - Bucher Duro 6x6

    Not mine. No affiliation. Just saw in on Ebay and thought it might be a great platform for someone.
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    That's been for sale on their site for a long time. I'd love it but
    It can be sold within the United States but for Off Road use only.
    That kinda kills it as an expedition vehicle for USA residents.

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    I wonder what year it is. I didn't see the mileage anywhere either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwsqbm View Post
    It can be sold within the United States but for Off Road use only.
    Where did you find that?
    Since I live in Norway, that will not bother me.

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    The vehicle didn't sell on eBay. Now it's listed on the importer's web site. Asking price $41,000.

    The vehicle can't be licensed for over the road use in USA because it's a 2001 model, and not built to meet USA emissions and safety standards. If it's less than 25 years since the date of manufacture, a non-complying vehicle has to be converted into compliance by a licensed importer (big $$$). Vehicles 25 years and older (in other words, built before 1986) are exempt and can be imported and used here.

    A foreign visitor can drive a personally owned non-complying vehicle in USA for up to 6 months, if I remember correctly.

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    The DURO II is has been shown not to be the most reliable vehicle on service with the Irish Army; although when the vehicle is serviceable it is very capable especially off road. Both variants have shown themselves to be prone to electrical faults and the armoured variant is too heavy for the vehicles suspension and braking system. In service with the Irish Army in Kosovo the vehicles have frequently been off the road for long periods at a time since two of them were deployed there in 2006 in order to support one IEDD team, typically speaking one team would only need one EOD vehicle but given the problems with the DURO II it was felt necessary to deploy two in order to maintain operational capability. This would seem to be mainly due to the long lead time for parts from the manufacturer and the aforementioned issues arising from the suspension and braking system not being able to handle the extra load of the armour. German troops have also reported similar reliability problems with DURO trucks in service with the German Army.
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