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    Default Non-DOT approved fuel cans?

    So, I found a source for new Wedco non-CARB compliant jerry cans and I've picked up a few of them and the spouts . The only difference between the DOT stamped one I have and these new ones is the lack of the DOT stamp. They take the same non-CARB spout and they've been working great for me. The problem that I worry about is the lack of the DOT stamp. Has anyone ever been hassled or had their cans checked for the stamp? Any idea what the fines would be or if they'd just outright confiscate?

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    I think it would mostly depend on the state. Any states in mind?

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    In Utah, the last thing any LEO is going to inspect, validate or cite is going to be a fuel can in the back of a 4x4. While I can assume some states (Cali=CARB) are more particular, is there in fact an actual law that states existing cans have to meet CARB or DOT compliance? I would assume no as its not like they can flat out outlaw millions of existing products on the market. Even the infamous ATC 3-wheeler got grandfathered into legality
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