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Thread: Husky vs. Weather Tech: Who makes the better floor mat?

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    Default Husky vs. Weather Tech: Who makes the better floor mat?

    With winter coming (we got our first dusting of snow on Saturday), I figured it's a good time to ask this question.

    The mats in my 3rd gen 4runner are wearing out (well, the driver's mat is) and it's time to consider some options.

    I've pretty much always "cheaped out' in the past figuring that even if they only lasted a season or so, I'd still get my money's worth. But now I don't mind spending a bit to get something that will last.

    I've had bad experiences with plastic/rubber floor mats, though. Biggest "issue" is that they tend to crack or wear through on the driver's side where my left and right heels rest. And the thing about a rubber floor mat is that once it gets a cut, puncture or crack, it's pretty much useless since it will let all that mud, water, snow, etc, onto the floor. For that reason I'm still using the (increasingly worn) factory cloth mats since they seem to be a bit more resistant to wear.

    So what's the skinny on the Weather Tech vs. Husky Liner? I see recommendations for both and they are pretty much equally priced. Any differences I should be aware of? Seems I can find either set for about $60 for a set of front mats (not currently planning on doing the rear, at least not yet.)
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    I've always used Weather Tech and have been very happy with them. They have always had a very nice, custom fit. They're made in America, not sure about Husky.

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    That's a tough one to answer unless someone has Weather Tech and Husky mats side by side to compare. I have Weather Techs in my Tundra and they fit like a glove. Quality seems great. I'd buy them again.
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    I've had Husky in a couple different vehicles; wife's Subaru came with Weathertech. The Weathertech seem a bit thicker and a bit more slippery. I've never had any problem with the Husky liners; they don't seem to wear out.

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    Weathertech is in my opinion the best you can get.
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    I got some Husky's from Genos Garage even after having stellar results from Weathertech's in the past. FAIL! Much less rubbery feel and they scooted all over the carpet. When wet ,my boots slid everywhere. I gave them to a friend who took his Makita sander to the surface and roughed them up. I returned to Weathertech's regular heavy mat. Happy camper now. Their complete liner model is bulletproof also.
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    I have one-sided feedback on Husky Liners -- my 1988 Cherokee has had a set for about 15 years. The same set.

    They're durable as heck. The heel pad on the driver's side has worn down the diamond plate pattern, but they probably have another 15 years at this rate. They do a good job of trapping water, so are super for snow days.

    These Husky Liners are old enough that they have no backside "nub" pattern, and they do move around too much. I'll often have to pull them out from under the gas pedal. I still use them, but probably wouldn't buy another set. I didn't buy another set, in fact -- I cut my own from diamond plate-pattern rubber sheet for my Tacoma. Sounds like the newer versions with the nubs aren't much better.


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    I have the cabelas ones in my truck, 30,000+ and still great, pretty sure they are rebranded weather tech

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    I had the Husky liners front and back in my '97 Cherokee. I loved them and they stayed put. Living where it snows and having three kids it was a must and they saved my carpet.

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    Husky for me as Weathertech did not make one for my application.
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