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Thread: This European Life: an Open Travelogue

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    Default This European Life: an Open Travelogue

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Miguel and I was originally born and raised in Castile, Spain. For a time, now, I have been blogging about my ownership experience with my dear Newport, a Mercedes 300TD station wagon. The link is

    Most of what I have written relates to my epic moving adventure across the United States to the San Francisco Bay area, but it further continues with occasional drives and meditations on the way to self-empowerment.

    I really hope you all enjoy it as much as I do traveling all over! I will soon do it for a living through an online TV show... I will keep you updated on this!
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    Welcome to ExPo, Miguel! Your blog is a welcome departure from the "mounted the new tires today" sort of uninspiring drivel that is found online. Please keep us posted about your travels, and your new venture into online tv.

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    This is just too cool for me to not watch. Bookmarked

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    New update! 11/13/11

    The Adventures of Newport - Time to Dance, a turning point story in which I meet with a Kansas member of the Mercedes-Benz community to set up an online TV show.


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    New update today, 12/10/11.

    The Adventures of Newport the 300TD: Up in the Clouds.

    Yes, it is happening! Yesterday I had my last day of work in Burlingame Motors... it was an emotional moment saying goodbye, but I am pumped for all the things to come!

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    New update: 12/17/11

    I am currently writing from Barcelona, Spain... I am here to visit the family. In this new post, I talk about my project in Manhattan and return home.
    Being here, would anybody be interested on a meetup in Barcelona or close? I will also be going to Madrid (Spain), Leon (Spain) and the Netherlands to visit one of the most famous overlanders: Jurgen (, who chose a Mercedes 300TD wagon for his adventures in Africa and Asia. His car is parked in Kazakhstan now, but still, he lives in the Netherlands.


    The Adventures of Newport: Now Here - Now There

    Enjoy this chapter! There's a bunch of photos in this one - for a change.

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    New update! 12/23/11
    Happy holidays, everyone!

    I visit Madrid to renew my visa... and do a bunch of non-conventional things in the way, such as:

    -Prentending to be a Secret Police agent.
    -Searching Goya curators.
    -See a famous clairvoyant.

    The Adventures of Newport: Madrid, Coats and Clairvoyance

    Enjoy! This one has a record number of photos.

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    New update on 12/30/11!

    In this post I introduce you to my hometown in León, Spain, where I was born.

    The Adventures of Newport, the 300TD: Where Home Lies (Part 1)

    I shall write about my actual interactions very soon, maybe tomorrow.

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    Since it will be very likely that I will be driving several vehicles throughout my adventures, I decided to rename my online travelogue / journal as "This European Life", a spinoff on the well-known radio programme.

    In this entry, things get more personal. Allow me to introduce you to the most important reason behind my travels in the Americas, as well as some great food and unexpected celebrity status.

    This European Life: Where Home Lies (Part II)

    Happy New Year to everyone! Let's hope this one is not as apocalyptic as the Mayans say... I am sure great things will happen!

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    Finally, the last part of my hometown trilogy, dedicated to some very personal places from my childhood and the amazing food there. This is also the first post where I include video footage from my travels! My loyal Canon G9 is iffy, so I got a new point-and-shoot that fits neatly in my pocket.

    This European Life: Where Home Lies (Part III)

    Leaving for Holland tomorrow! Ready to meet some more motorheads from the Mercedes-Benz forums!
    I am also open to any overlanders who would like to join in the last minute.

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