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Thread: Best boots for BMW GS1200

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    Quote Originally Posted by trailsurfer View Post
    My favorite by far after buying 3 different pairs of boots the last 4 years is the Sidi Adventure Goretex. Great in all temps, 110 to 20 degrees, and completely waterproof. Very comfortable on the road, and great off road. I think the boots saved me from a serious ankle injury riding in the Utah desert this fall.
    X2 as well. The Sidi Adventure boot are my new favorite piece of gear. They have all angles covered regarding protecting your feet and ankles. I had the pleasure of being run off the road at 55mph in August of this past year while wearing a pair of Doc Martins. Lisfranc fractures in both feet, broken left lower fibula, malleolus fractures, broken talas, several broken tarsals on both feet, complete tears of the big 3 major ligaments, broken hands, and a broken C7. The boots won't help the neck, but if I had even a marginal adventure type boot, I would be in considerably better condition now. Permanent damage to both feet and ankles is no way to go through life son.
    On a positive note, I have recovered about as much as I can. I had my C6 and C7 fused a few days after the accident, and that has gone well. I even snowboarded some blues for a week over Christmas break. Painful, but the kids had fun.
    Not to ramble....My point is, you have absolutely no control what your body will do when you dump your bike. You can think, "Pull your arms in, don't put your hands or feet down, etc", but the forces at work are extreme. A good pair of boots with some real protection is worth every penny you pay. Solid, cupped heal, shanks, reinforced toe box, and stiff enough to prevent twisting, but comfortable enough to shift and walk around in.
    Sorry this was so long.
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    I've been lusting after fox shorties for a bit now...
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    You have to also concider what type of riding you do.

    sat down cruising on mainly roads

    Or hours at a time on gravel -sandy tracks standing up

    In Oman in the desert I first used my road bike boots- comfy protected- armoured but little or no sole support

    Then i bought some MX boots - yep where the F is the gear change

    But I could then ride for hours on the pegs without the fatigue and pain of the lighter boots.

    Biggest toughest best safety gear for me - everytime !

    screw that you look like robo cop- but at least the docs end up with all the component parts when its rebuild time- instead of half your knee caps and anckles grated off by road rash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleeping Dog View Post
    I've been beating up a pair of AeroStiches combat touring boots for around 60K miles and they are by far the best motorcycle boot I've worn.

    Me, too. Must be a "Jim" thing ; )

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    I would not consider anything less than a Cross-Fire 2 level of protection for the dirt. I learned the hard way that some of these hybrid boots are just not suitable for the dirt for real protection. I banged up my foot pretty good (metatarsal) on a low-speed crash in a set of Sidi Adventures. Not enough foot protection IMHO.

    This is always the challenge huh. We all start a little lax on protection until the first real crash, then comfort, breathability and style starts to drop in priority
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    Quote Originally Posted by trailsurfer View Post
    You probably have the Adventure Rains that are plastic and don't breath. With the Goretex I have not had that problem, they seem to breath pretty well.
    The Rain and GTX versions are almost identical. The GTX version, as mandated by Gore, uses top grain leather. The Rains are made with Sidi's proprietary Technomicro synthetic leather which is much like the superb Lorica they use in their cycling shoes. The membrane in the Rain is a taped membrane like that made by eVent or others. I haven't used the GTX version, and agree it's a much nicer than the Rains, but I found the Rains to breath reasonably well. My Sidi Cobra GTX boots are no more breathable.

    What I like about the Sidi Adventure boots is the walkability. My offroad exploits are pretty tame. If I wanted more protection I'd probably go with the Sidi Discovery.

    To the OP, here's my take on the Rain: Sidi Adventure Rain

    Trailsurfer definitely has a valid point about PU coated leather and how it doesn't breath. These are an inexpensive touring boot, but as Trailsurfer would point out, they won't breath well, and to Scott's point, they'll be the minimum of protection for even light offloading: Alpinestars Scout WP I have a couple friends who wore their Scouts from Idaho to Tierra del Fuego and another 7,000 mile around India, so I suppose even the "cheap" boots can get you by.
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    Ditto Scott's opinion that Sidi Crossfire if riding at all in dirt.

    For mild dirt and on road I just switched to Alpinestars Toucan. It is Goretex (Crossfire isn't, but I have ridden Crossfire in 3 hour downpour and not had wet feet), has moderate protection and the comfort is beyond compare. I switched from Sidi Adventure Goretex and will never look back. Great review at:

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    Ditto. After a Baja trip in my Gaerne G12's, my feet and ankles were killing me. MX boots just aren't well-suited to all day, day-after-day riding.

    The Alpinestars Toucans are great boots with a good level of protection while still being comfortable enough to wear for 10 days in a row. I'd have tried the Sidi's, but my foot is wide and Sidi's are not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YetiX View Post
    Ditto. After a Baja trip in my Gaerne G12's, my feet and ankles were killing me. MX boots just aren't well-suited to all day, day-after-day riding.
    Guess it depends on your foot, socks, and the boots. I always wear mx boots on long trips and haven't found them to be uncomfortable. Alpinestars tech 3s or Garne 10's... Week long trips of over a 1000 miles each...happy feet.
    Socks and a good boot fit are key. That and a little gold bond makes them feel like slippers.

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