Thread: Navigation Events in The Pyrenees with Austin Lance

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    Default Navigation Events in The Pyrenees with Austin Lance

    I wish this was closer, looks like a great way to discover the Pyrenees


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    As it happens, I run a company called Pyrenees 4x4 Tours. Not here to push my tours, quite the opposite, just wanted to say that if anybody was thinking of independently driving in the Pyrenees (a beautiful part of the world I reckon), then contact me and if I can help with routes then you're more than welcome.

    One point though, I only know about Spanish Pyrenees, not the French Pyrenees. The reason I stick to Spain rather than France is because ...

    a) The Spanish not only tolerate off-roaders, they positively like us. You can't say the same for the vast majority of the French.

    b) Importantly, if the authorities/locals don't want you to drive a track in Spain they will tell you so via signs such as "Privado" or "Prohibida la entrada de vehÝculos". I don't speak Spanish whatsoever, but it isn't rocket science to know what these signs mean! Often in France there is no signage at all, so the first indication that you're on private land is when a farmer or land-owner starts waving a fist (or gun) at you - not the best situations I'm sure you will agree. Personally I wouldn't ever drive where I'm not allowed or wanted, so clearly the Spainish system is far superior on so many levels.

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    It's great that you think that about my country, but I have to warn you, the attitude here is changing too and off-roaders are not welcome in a lot of places in Spain anymore.

    Sad indeed.
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