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Thread: 2011 Trans-Africa trips by Toyota and LR

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    Thank you again, for doing the statistics!

    We just had watched travellers who are on the west-route.

    I dont know why the people do not list their blogs on overland network, but we meet and found more Travellers with Blogs outside of overland-network, than inside.

    We meet some of them during our trip, found them within google or we collected them from the guestbooks of the Hippocamp (Congo) / Sleeping (Mali) Camel.

    Looks like we have to do some advertisement for the overland network, it is the best collection who is available!

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    Default 2013 Stats

    A fresh count for Trans-Africa travel in 2013 saw Land Rover losing its preferred vehicle choice to Toyota.
    Only the 2nd year (in over a decade of tracking) that overlanders have preferred to use Toyota.

    I fully acknowledge that the stats might are biased towards English overland websites focussed on Trans-Africa trips and do not cover majority of other EU countries. However, in saying that, The Africa Overland Network does have the most trips listed which allow for good statistics.

    Additional stats are available on the blog, including average travel time for 2013 and alternative vehicle choice. You can read more via the Overland Live Blog

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