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Thread: in search of a good DOKA

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    ok, so it is a little underpowered, but it would be worth a call just to see if it REALLY what is pictured.

    If it is, you would be half way there already
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    Default doka for sale

    i have a very good 1113 for sale
    you can contact me on +31 681429474

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    ceesbenz, our forum has a rule that all vehicles offered for sale must have an asking price. No "contact me if interested" or "best offer" posts allowed. Please update your post with a price. Thanks.

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  4. Default Slicing a 9 seater

    Has anyone reduced a long doka in length? Reduced Iveco Doka.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by yarglien View Post
    Has anyone reduced a long doka in length? Reduced Iveco Doka.jpg
    If body work with sheet metal would be as easy as Photoshop... (BTW: you should have moved the lock/latch of the front roller door!)
    I have seen MB1113 crew cabs which people have shortened, and also Magirus, but none of these have put in doors in the back, so you'd have to crawl in through the front doors. You also have to redo the cabin mounts on the frame, and on the MAG possibly the lift; all a bit easier on the MB Kurzhauber w/o tilting cabin.
    Actually: with this length crew cab I believe the cabin is without tilt mechanism — service lid in the cabin floor instead.
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