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Thread: From Russia with love...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian P. View Post
    this one did not get as lucky....well, he survived, but not the truck.

    Love how his buddies raced to help him. I have friends like that
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    You guys need to watch this:

    Russian spiderman - Sergey Devliashov

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob91yj View Post
    I'm not sure that I see the difference in what that truck in the first video is doing vs one of us fording a creek/stream in our vehicles, only on a grander scale.
    Sure there is a difference. A big difference. None of the vehicles shown in any of these Eastern Russia videos are on optional, recreational adventure trips/holidays. They are all working vehicles with a puropse, doing what they have to do to to sustain human life in a very remote, inhospitable environment where there is no infrastructure.

    I'm sure that the driver in the first video wouldn't be up to the doortops in river water if there was a highway and a bridge anywhere nearby. It's a way of life to which most of us are thankfully unaccustomed, as evidenced by the "disturbing","insane" and "sad" descriptors, whereas it's just another day at the office for the drivers that keep the remote settlements alive.
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    After a month I fly to Sakhalin =)
    This is a magical place. I'll try to make a detailed description of the trip. =)

    PS In the video, I personally have one of these machines =)
    PSS Russia - Asia =) DeepAsia

    Vodka, bears, Cossack
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    Ah, Russia. I miss you.

    Definitely had some of my more white-knuckled driving experiences in that country.

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    Nice videos...great stuff

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